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| September 26, 2011

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What ThinkTankPhoto bag does Stacey Use?

Airport International (For dragging around fields!)

Who is Stacey?

Stacey Hedman PhotographerAn 8th-generation Cape Codder, Stacey can’t imagine life without the ocean. Stacey is also pretty crazy about the mountains and head’s north every chance she gets.

Stacey grew up with camera-loving parents, and was always playing with hand-me-down Canon equipment and film. While she traveled to gorgeous areas of the world with her film camera, Stacey discovered that she was drawn more to the capture of relationships and connections between people. You might consider her hooked after shooting her first wedding!

© Stacey Hedmen / Used with permission

Some quotes from Stacey

  • My favorite photography assignments involve quick-dry pants, and any combination of hiking gear, skis or even a boat. But I also love a fancy excuse to get dressed up!
  • I love bluegrass and know all the words to rap music. My favorite foods involve cheese but I’m currently vegan. I’m not very good at slowing down, but I love to knit.
  • Two things that are very important to me are my planet and my dogs. I strive for eco-conscious printing in my business, and I volunteer every chance I get for my local animal rescue league.

© Stacey Hedmen / Used with permission

Want to know more about Stacey? She would be happy to meet up for coffee any time, with no commitment whatsoever! Just send a note via the “contact me” tab on her website, or write stacey[at]staceyhedman[dot]com

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