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| October 18, 2011

That is pretty awesome huh! We thought we would celebrate and give a random ‘liker’ a ThinkTankPhoto Sling-O-Matic 30… more on that later…

Here's that Sling-O-Matic 30 Goodness you've been looking for...

We want to thank Mike Last of Mike Last Photo for being Mr. 25,000 – Thanks Mike! Very glad to hear your Airport International V1.0 is still making your proud. It does have a lifetime warranty, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t still be making you smile in say… 79 years… 😀 – see more of Mike’s work by clicking his image below;

Here’s a big thank you for all of the people that share with us, follow us, poke us, like us, tweet us, link us and generally hang out with us on line here and “in real life”

Well, OK then, a medium sized (but massive!) Thank You!

 …..and [drum roll please] the winner of our Sling-O-Tastic 30 is…..

Michael Watson (What is it with Mikes today! haha)

Congrats Mike – Please drop me an email to spollock@thinktankphoto.com and we’ll wing your Sling-O-Matic 30 right out to you!

Right Then! If you should have any questions about any of the products we make, or if you would like to be part of our blog – please get in touch via the contact form!

Back to work!



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  • That’s it…I’m changing my name to Mike. 😛 lol

    • Ha! Brilliant, Dawn… oh, err, I mean… Mike