It’s a long way to the top…

| October 25, 2011

If you want to rock ‘n’ roll, or so they say!

Well, I don’t know about that, (I’m another failed muso!) …but I do know that it’s a LONG way from Melbourne to New York if you’re going to be at PDN Photo Plus this year!

To be precise, it’s about 24 hours in one of these beasts…

I was going to be packing my clothes and some kit in the Logistics Manager, but I decided to travel light and ended up with a combo of the Airport Security and the Retrospective 30, the Retro easily fitting in the over head, and under the seat in front of me, the Airport Security was checked as it only had clothes and power cables etc.. The flight was great, I don’t usually sleep on flights – I did this time which was great.

Well, we’re on stand from Thursday morning, and what I’d really like everyone that follows us in some way, shape or form, and who is going to be at PDN Photo Plus, to come and say hello and sign my iPad – from the people that pop their names into the iPads that we’ll have at the show (one attached to the stand, one attached to me!) Then, at the end of each day we’ll be choosing a winner to get some great thinkTankPhoto gear sent to them!

It really is that simple.

Oh, and it would seem that Qantas have decided, upon seeing my Airport Security, that it really is the last camera bag you’ll need – it really is THAT awesome… That’s what the label means, right?! 😀

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  • Dan Carr

    Quantas allows bags as big as the Security as hand luggage ?