IN A BAG – Day Two with dPS

| November 30, 2011

Day Two and we have taken in to account that not ALL of you, our awesome audience, are stunning professionals (But there are some amazing photographers here, professional or not!!) So, for those of you that are still learning, or for those of you that are looking at brushing up on certain skill-sets, there’s a resource called “Digitial Photography School”

Darren at Digital Photography School has give us the entire suite of eBooks to put “IN A BAG” …Valued at $220.00, this is a set of resources useful to anyone!
The eBooks will be on a limited edition thinkTankPhoto USB Key, you will be uniquely awesome.
Thanks, Darren & dPS!
Remember! We reward one person per day for sharing the love about “IN A BAG” and, after yesterday with Sharon creating “The 12 days of thinkTank” you winderful people are going to have to “pull the cat out of the bag” … “think outside the bag!” (Thanks, Jamie!) and generally go wild with creativity!
Some ideas for you peeps with creative block!
  • Fake an interview about “IN A BAG” with yourself and post it on YouTube
  • Have your name changed to “IN A BAG” by Deedpoll
  • Have your car re-sprayed to look like an Airport Security V2.0
  • Tell ya granny!


Day two, and despite the Christmas Video and the load of sharing you guys did, there was one special person that maybe went that extra mile today….

Josh rocks, I think it's plain to see!

I just wanted to go a little further and share some content from “Jordan “IN A BAG” Coleman’s” FB wall (Jordan, I hoep you don’t mind! it made me laugh big style!)

"I Think You might Have Been Hacked"

Jordan – Outstanding! Josh, you rock dude. Guys, get in touch via the contact form above and I’ll post you out your new Retrospective 20 in Pinestone. (Same as my personal one!)


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