Kenmore Camera Digital Photo Expo

| November 8, 2011

Kenmore-Camera-Digital-Expo-Photographs-Winners Kenmore Camera held their 6th annual digital photo expo this last weekend, and our Kurt Rogers was on scene to tell the good people about thinkTank Photo.. Kurt also took his camera along and rattled off a few photos of people loving their bags, if you happen to be one of these people – get in touch and we’ll send you a little something.

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It would seem there’s a LOT of Retrospective going on out Kenmore Camera way!

Brad Cole came by the booth at the Kenmore Camera Show

David Stastny walks the Kenmore Camera show in Lynnwood Washington

Kevin Siefke takes away a UD35 at the Kenmore Camera show

Darek Farmer at the Kenmore Camera show

Thanks for carrying us on your shoulders! Make sure if you’re pictured that you get in touch on our FACEBOOK WALL and tell us “I’M A WINNER!” Or via our Contact Page


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  • Yes, I was there, 30 min after doors opened on the first day and you guys where already sold out of the shoulder harness for my pro speed belt. 🙁 Great prices on everything though. Hovered around for around 30 minutes trying to figure out what think tank product I “needed” 🙂 BTW, Kurt seemed like a cool dude that really knew his stuff, including non-Think Tank products.