Meet the Designer | Taiwan

| November 17, 2011

Doug has been over in Taiwan and held a “Meet The Designer” evening with our distributor, Homelandy.

Doug Murdoch at dinner with Homelandy and Taiwan photographers

Product feedback, direct from the people that use our gear.

The dinner took place Nov 7th with dedicated Think Tank photographers in Taiwan. During the dinner, they shared a number of observations about TTP bags with me, making suggestions for improvements and new products.

Here’s an interview with Doug, discussing some of our product range. You can also see more images from the dinner, below the video.

Who are all these people in the photographs!

Ms. Maggie Sung, Mr. Asungo Lin, Mr. Hiroshi Cheng, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Lin, Mr. Cheng, Yung-Tseng Hsu, Roy Yu, Shion Lin, James Hsu, Eddy Yang and Kiki Cheng. For a full run down – Please check out the set on Facebook over here!

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