What’s going IN A BAG on day nine!

| December 7, 2011

Today is day nine. I was going to make up a song and sing to you “What’s going in a bag today” but it’s 11:21pm and my little boy will wake up! (consider yourselves lucky!)

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Yesterday we gave you storage space for all of your images, today on a similar theme, you’re going to need something to save those images on to from your camera, right? That means memory cards!

We have FIVE memory cards for you… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

We have three 8GB Lexar CF cards and 2 8GB Lexar SD cards for you, and of course, we wouldn’t feel right giving them to you without a case – so these come to you in one of our (now VERY limited) “Custom Pixel Pocket Rocket” memory card holders. You literally can’t buy these and one day, baby, they’re going to be a collectors item! mark my words*

Remember friends. Share “IN A BAG” and be in the running to win a Retrospective camera bag EVERY day of the “IN A BAG” give-away. Make sure you create something eye catching! A video, Write a song (and perform it!) just share it and let us know here, here or in the comments below!

*no, really!

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  • aaron

    My airport security bag is amazing my buddy even commented that it even rolls like a Mercedes. Quality gear for my gear.

  • I so could of used a retro bag this weekend, would of looked awesome with my tux on the Red Carpet of the NASCAR awards Ceremoney, Though the Skin I used did not loot bad at all… there is a pic of me on the red carpet in the think tank and the tux on my facebook some where.. Oh yeah, posted a pic with mention to Think Tank Photo and the give-a-way on their face book and my face book page… You guys got some awesome stuff!

  • Now I own 5 Thinktank bags! You’ll need a different bag for a different occasion. :>

  • While I was out my ThinkGeek Zombie head made a video saying that he needed a ThinkTank Bag for protection.

  • Robin Spinner

    Love the little pocket card holder in a big way!!! And I would flip my lid to get a free bag. Merry Christmas to me??? Pinned it, in addition to sharing on my FB page!

  • Ben

    Awesome looking memory holder! I want one!

  • I’ve been tweeting and FBing every day. I will think of something really cool to do to show my love, I just haven’t figured out what yet …

  • I would dearly love a Pixel Pocket Rocket for my new camera. My husband was sweet enough to get the camera for my December Birthday/Christmas gift. We are learning that the cards need a safer place then just my pocket ( most women do not have pockets in their dresses, so I could really use this solution) Thank you!

  • Bill

    I did my post for the day. I even added a picture today

  • Jan W.

    I shared…..because I cared…because the equipment is fine and I hope it all becomes mine!!!!

  • Alex Leon

    Not to brag or sound desperate or anything but, I would love to win because I recently sold everything I one to pay my debt and now I’m about to get a bank loan to buy my gear. It was initially going to be a Mark II 24-105/24-70/50/85…4 Speedlights, some mini Softboxes, a thinkTank and some triggers… 🙁 well it all went down to just… a 7D Kit with a 18-135/24-70/85/3Speedlights and some Cactus Triggers…. wasn’t approved for the large loan. so let’s see if I get approved for this one! Wish me luck and I wish everyone luck on this contest!

  • I love love love my Airport Security and would love to hav one to give to my budding photographer son who is always taking my stuff!

  • Awesome little Pixel Pocket Rocket! Would love to have another, I need more space, one is filled, and I need more space. Especially since i am sure I will be getting more cards in the near future!