Day Ten IN A BAG with RODE

| December 8, 2011

It’s day ten of thinkTankPhoto’s “IN A BAG” massive, free, photography, bonanza, prize draw, competition…. So, We thought we’d tear the cover off the studio in Santa Rosa and pull a quick video “Out of the bag” …see what I did with that!

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So, you’re thinking “that’s all well and good, but what’s going IN A BAG” well, day ten and we’re putting a RODE VideoMic Pro and a little Deadcat VMP in our bag! Massive thanks to the guys at RODE

(This video was shot with a Canon 5DMKII and a RODE VideoMic)


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  • Dan Miller

    I’ve got a massive, massive 1D Mk III that I would love to carry around in a Retrospective. And wouldn’t I look cool walking down the street sipping a Venti Caramel Machioto from Starbucks while rolling my Airport Security V2 bag along loaded with all my other gear? Yes, PLEASE!

  • That is so awesome that you mentioned photographing wild beaver. Living in Canada, eh, not only do I get the opportunity to photograph them, I also swim with them (seriously). Hmmm … might make a great title for an autobiography, “Swimming With Beavers. The Life of Rhonda Callow” No?

  • Yes Simon, U R Awesome, twice as awesome but I don’t want your sweaty bag, I want a new one!

  • LOL! Simon cracks me up!

    Another reason I like Think Tank Photo so much….Cool people representing cool products is…well……Just plain COOL!