IN A BAG – Day Three with Starbucks & Coca Cola

| December 1, 2011

Day Three… Well, let’s take a quick look at where the bag is at right now, shall we?

You have your thinkTankPhoto Airport Security V2.0 

You’ve had a SmugMug Pro account with some printing popped in a pocket, then you’ve had a couple of unique thinkTankPhoto USB Keys with the entire suite of Digital Photography School’s eBooks tucked inside… Before we go any further, I feel like a coffee! Don’t you?… GOOD!

Day three, and it’s time for something TOTALLY photography related, but not directly!

This is actually my "Morning Espresso" from a couple of days back! --Sime

Here’s a $50.00 Starbucks Gift Card for those of you that like a cup of coffee before a shoot, hell! I know I do! 

A Crate of Coke in the thinkTankPhoto IN A BAG GiveawayAnd for those of you that don’t like a coffee, we’ve got a cold shot of energy that we’re going to chuck in, so here’s a crate of Coca Cola….

We said there was going to be some crazy stuff in there! Enjoy a drink on us, and look, if the shoot doesn’t go so well, you’re welcome to pop a little whisky in either the coffee or the Coke (make sure you’re the right age, because telling your mum “thinkTank said it was OK” just won’t cut it!… (always drink responsibly!)


Yesterday’s Retrospective winnercreated art” on her partner’s face! Can you out-do Jordan? Today’s “creative sharer wins a Retrospective 20 in Black!

While I’m here, let me say THANK YOU to Photography Competitions who have added us to their awesome directory of photography competitions, despite ours not being your ‘traditional’ photography competition! Please show them some love. 

Today we’ll be sending JJ Guyer a thinkTankPhoto Retrospective 20 in black.

JJ GUYER Photography IN A BAG Tattoo Entry

How far would you go? | IN A BAG

Congrats, and by the way, I liked your image from yesterday, too! [below] See more of Mr. Guyer’s work by clicking the image below. JJ – Please get in touch with your address / number, via the contact form! Thanks! 

Devine Intervention? | IN A BAG



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  • David Cohen

    I have the airport security bag and love it for travel because I can take everything, including the underwater gear. Great bags. Who wouldn’t want more of this great gear?

  • Scott Daniel

    Visiting Denver area this week. Thank goodness for my StreetWalker HardDrive! I am packed and ready for some hiking in the foothills. I recommend ThinkTank to all photography enthusiasts I meet. A woman at the airport was admiring how I had my tripod stapped to my backpack. I of course pointed out that the bag/backpack was by ThinkTank! Love your stuff!

    • Thanks, Scott!! Enjoy the hike, love to see some photos! –S

  • I have the airport and streetwalkers, and a 50 holster. I would like something smaller than the streetwalkers, but big enough for a couple of lens, what cha got than fits in that range?