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| December 9, 2011

Day Eleven (Did anyone get my joke in the title? Spinal Tap? No?..ughh) ..and by the way, it goes WAY passed eleven!

“IN A BAG” – Free to enter. Enter once a day. Win a Retrospective each day.

So then, good peoples of the internet! What shall we add to our already quite full thinkTankphoto Airport Security V2.0 rolling camera bag… How about…

That’s right, it’s Westcott, and they’ve kindly sent us some gear to pop into the front pocket of the Airport Security! – Thanks Westcott!

You will be lighting like Chase, David, James or Scott in NO time!
***** ***** ***** ***** *****
THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
***** ***** ***** ***** *****
I have another Retrospective camera bag to give away.
Today. Retro 10 in Black $157 worth.. All you have to do to win today’s Retro is to caption the photo below… (Leave your caption either on our wall, in the comments below or tweet it at us with the hash tag #TTPIAB — Have fun!

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  • Warren Ackary

    WOW, I am very suprised you are all still up watching me with #TTPIAB and whats going on, dont mind me.. its the Caffine.. makes TTP Transfers look like Christmas hats!
    Lets face it, the winner (coming soon to a monitor near you!) Will feel like all of thier christmasas have come at once.

  • Simon’s profile pic was attracting less interest than he initially hoped.

  • oneeyejack

    i seeeeeeee deeeaaaad think tank bags!!!!

  • winner, winner, chicken ThinkTank! o_@

    thank you berry mucho!

  • Bill juenger

    I would kill for a think tank bag.

    • That’s a bit extreme, Bill… But you’re right – they’re worth it 😀

  • “Just when you thought the world had seen the last of Pauly Shore…

  • Winston


  • Andrew Khoo

    Think Tank Photo forever!

  • Tyler Constance

    Day eleven: Subject’s head has been re-sealed upon implementing the cranial “thinktank” expansion. Dramatic facial expressions dictate that the results are in-line with the predicted hypothesis; as with any tank, cogs are turning and we are very near explosive results.

  • Scott

    Marketing research for our next ThinkTank product. Now you can have your very own porter to carry your gear. We’re still working on where to put the label… Stay tuned!

  • So it’s a Thursday afternoon and I thought I would wax my eyebrows – reTHINK TANKing my idea now

  • robert wiggins

    I’m the real Danny Banaduce…

  • DaveL

    Free Bag ! Not quite what I had in mind!

  • Florian

    ‘You don’t have to look smart, if you thinkTANK’

  • Incredible Offer for Incredible India !!!!

  • Caption:

    “Holy crap, cats and dogs and brownies! How do I top that?”

  • Enslaved worker rescued after discovering video conference phone at Think Tank Headquarters.

  • tnd2

    Duuude, you said we were cruzing for some hottie model type chicks, and that if we were sporting some killer camera gear they’d show us some bitchin tan lines…