Free Photography Giveaway “IN A BAG” Day Eight!

| December 6, 2011

On the eighth day of…. “IN A BAG” Hitachi said to me…. [enter free here, quick!]

I popped a little list of what was in our bag on the post yesterday – you can read it here. What a great list so far, huh! But there’s got to be something missing from that list… You have a camera bag, you’ve got the super little Nikon AW100, you have books and eBooks, you have an awesome light modifier, you have websites and printing and $500.00 and something to drink…

BUT…You don’t have anywhere to store your files!

NOW YOU DO! G-Technology have popped a G-Drive Mini into the bag!

The G-Technology G-DRIVE mini is the perfect storage solution for content creators on the go who demand the highest performance possible from their mobile storage device. Get-up-and-go storage with Time Machine-ready backup and integrated heat-sink for super silent operation and superior cooling. This 7,200RPM portable drive is housed in a compact all-aluminium case and is bus powered, eliminating the need for a separate power connection.

Wait, there’s more! ONE drive on its own provides no redundancy… so G-Technology have popped TWO in your bag! How’s that for awesome. 

G-Technology puts TWO G-Drive Mini 750GB external drives in a bag, free!

Space – the final frontier! All 1.5TB of it *750GB each

KITTY WINS A RETRO! | Lindsay, please contact us via the contact form!

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  • James Bokovoy

    These will go great in my TT bags on my next trip to Africa!

  • Marla

    WOW!!! This is super Sweet!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!

  • Vasha Hunt

    Wow. This is going to be the best photo gear giveaway EVER!!!

  • Bill

    Woohoo… what I could do with all that stuff. It will definitely help me in getting my photography business off of the ground.