IN A BAG day four with Adorama

| December 2, 2011

Are we having fun yet or WHAT! | IN A BAG is really starting to hot up over here!

Adorama Camera Join ThinkTankPhoto with their IN A BAG give awayPicture this, You’ve just opened your thinkTankPhoto Airport Security V2.0, You’ve popped out the first thing you see, it’s a SmugMug pro account, you grab the thinkTankPhoto USB key you spot in the next pocket and pop it into your computer and *POW* up comes an entire suite of handy eBooks from dPS! You’re already in need of refreshment, so you whip out for a double shot latte, wet, no sugar from Starbucks and chase it down with an ice cold Coca Cola that you just happen to have in your fridge… You’re relaxed, you’re at your computer… and all you want to do is spend some cash on camera kit…well that’s awesome because HERE’S FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS FROM ADORAMA!

That’s right, Adorama have just slipped a $500.00 gift certificate into your camera bag, what would you buy? Pop over to their Facebook page and finish this sentence…

“I’m visiting from and I’d buy …*fill in this gap*…………… with my $500! Thanks Adorama!” (or, make something up yourselves!)

(Make sure you tag us, and if you would rather tweet @adorama and @thinkTankPhoto then make sure you use the #TTPIAB tag. [hint: to tag on Facebook, simply type @thinktankphoto and our page should pop up, if you click it, we’ll see your post!]

So many amusing images today for the “IN A BAG” daily Retrospective winner! Thank you everyone for playing along! Please make sure you try again tomorrow!

Our Winner today, by popular vote (Yes, I had to enlist others) is Neville Black

“Photographers, leesen to me very carefooly. Now I wan to ask you a bunch o’question, and I wan to have dem answoord immediately; Have you entered THINK TANK PHOTO‘s “In a Bag” contest? And do you wan a bag fool of killa phvoto geea? 
Now, enuv talk! Go!! Get to da choppa!!!” –

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  • Scott Daniel

    Love ThinkTank! Adorama too! I might just put that $$$ towards a Canon 8-15mm Zoom or a 17mm TSE or… ThinkTank gear!!!

  • James Christie

    I’d finally upgrade my main lens to 2.8L series 🙂

  • this is a graat giveaway i Lust after the The Think Tank Airport Security Bag but do not have the Money to purchase one for myself.