Seventeen Days Later | IN A BAG

| December 15, 2011

The free “IN A BAG” give-away from thinkTankPhoto is still going! We’re not far off trying to zip that bad boy shut, now… A mere five or so days away from ‘closure!’

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ENTER HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Day seventeen, and I guess you’re all looking forward to seeing what’s going IN A BAG today hmm? Let’s take a look through the round window, shall we!

***this news just in!*** Capture, below, it works really well with our ProSpeed belt system, and the new Modular V2.0 are in-store today, so we’ve just decided to put this in the bag today, too! —So, now we’ll need your delivery address AND your belt size! – That’s an extra almost $200 in the bag, right there… WooHoo!

Capture Camera Clip System from Peak Design

CAPTURE is a clip that allows you to attach your camera to any backpack, belt or strap. It allows active photographers to take their SLR cameras with them anywhere! Capture also works with many thinkTankPhoto products / belts and bags alike!

Find out more about Capture on the Peak Design website

Six of the awesome, simple frio™ coldshoe adaptor!

The frio™ is the essential adaptor to connect all your favourite hotshoe gear to anything with a 1/4″-20 tripod stud, giving you the freedom to Connect, Combine, Create™.

(I also very much like Zeke from Nice Industries’ video review – see down below) ….which leads me to the next awesome bit of kit we’re adding to the bag today!

Chase Jarvis Trade Secret Cards “The Portrait Sessions” 

Trade Secret Cards: An effective twist on photography education to help you learn to become a great photographer fast!

Please pop over to Nice Industries and check them out. But… Not before you have a look at the video review of Frio, below…

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  • Lauralee lien

    LOL!! Loved the video. Cute sasquatche!-if I ran into one that looked like that I don’t think I could throw something at it! That frio is pretty darn cool. Thanks for a chance at all of the awesome goodness packed into that bag! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  • Hey guys – love the products and the contest! See the link above… We’d love to win a Retrospective for the family!

  • Suzanne

    I really really need a bag.

  • Neville Black

    Awesome additions. Though I need something to help against sasquatches. Maybe add that tomorrow.

  • 🙂

  • All I want for Christmas is the bag….who needs the two front teeth anyways! LOL

  • Awesome Day 17 gear! Some lucky duck is going to land the gear haul of a lifetime!

  • Ann Borowski

    Would love to get a bag for the hoildays

  • Ann Borowski

    Even my dog is trying to help me get such a great product…

  • Blogged! (Err… Tumblrd?)
    But please oh please let me win. 🙂

  • Shared it on my blog, “In A Bag” Day 17 –