thinkTankPhoto IN A BAG Free Giveaway | Day 18

| December 16, 2011

Day Eighteen… How did we get SO far along! Well, there’s only about FIVE days left (Though, we may need to extend by one, perhaps) and we still have a shed load of gear to pop ‘IN A BAG’ …..ENTER HERE – > YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT (IT’S FREE!)

Let us give you an update of what’s IN A BAG so far! 

Does anyone want to work out the approximate value of the bag, so far? No? I’ll do that for you then, shall I? ….So far, we’re looking at about $4,358.77 and there’s STILL FIVE DAYS TO GO!
Today? What’s going IN A BAG today?
Well, we’re going to get a little NASTY with two VERY VERY handy NASTY CLAMPS!

Then, we’re going to make it all up to you with two EXTREMELY HANDY NICE CLIPS! 

After that, perhaps a spot of Image Browsing / Sorting with PHOTO MECHANIC!

And then, go shoot, resting your camera on your very own PUFFIN PAD! 

Fantastic! Another awesome day here at “IN A BAG” Not long now – Go, enter, be merry…


Aww, That’s just nice, isn’t it!

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  • This is a great bunch of gear! Wonderful ideas. I’ve compiled a list of 18 gift ideas and was amazed to there were a few similarities and others new ideas:

  • Jeff Flottman

    This is the coolest give away evah’

  • Suzanne

    I facebooked and tweeted this. For me the best thing added today is the Puffin Pad. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those.

  • John Sanchirico

    It just gets better and better! Someone’s gonna really be a happy camper in a few days – Best of luck to everyone who’s entered and thanks a million to ThinkTank Photo and all the awesome prize contributors!!!!!

  • Lauralee Lien

    OMGosh! Would love to win this really big bag of awesomeness! Right now I have been wishing for a new camera! Mine is a crummy little sad point and shoot. Yah, I know really sad for me…hoping someone will put in a good word with the BIG MAN for this…cause I have really tried to be good this year! Thanks you so much Think Tank Photo for putting this together and Thanks to all the incredibly generous sponsors for adding to this too good-to-be-true giveaway!!

  • west kirkley

    wow … that is so amazing… thanks for sharing and doing so much for all your fans… 🙂

  • Each day just gets better and better. You guys are the awesomest!

  • It’s day 18 now, so excited … Blogged ..

    and shared on facebook, tweeted it too. 🙂

  • Peg Sagewing

    Some super nice gear in that bag. How generous of you and the other companies to put this together. You guys ROCK! If I happened to be lucky enough to win, I’d love to do the ‘NEENER, NEENER, NEENER” dance all day.

  • Wayne Winter

    What a great way to introduce photographers to great products!

  • I hope I am the winner !

  • Wow! What an awesome company to put this together! What an awesome gift for one lucky winner. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas!

  • That’s some great gear =)

  • I DO BELIEVE IN SANTA !!!!!!!!!

  • awesome! This is going to be an awesome Christmas for some lucky person!.. I can’t wait to see who wins!…Merry Christmas everyone and good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well the Photomechanic licence makes it worth!

  • Alex Leon

    Chucks, what a dream come true this will be for some lucky winner.