thinkTankPhoto IN A BAG Free Giveaway | Day 21

| December 19, 2011

We are SO close to (haha) zipping our Airport Security SHUT! It has so much in it… Tomorrow we’ll have an extra blog post with a list of all of the items that are currently “IN A BAG” then, we’ll add a little more tomorrow night and THEN, there will be ONE more item going IN A BAG…. I wonder what it might be?! Guesses below?

Which brings me to today! (We’ve already given away TWO Retrospective 20 camera bags today! There was just toooo much awesome!) We have MORE gear to go “IN A BAG”

Today the theme is LIGHTING…

Borge’s Imaging, located in Melbourne, Australia, have yelled out from across the pond that they wanted to play “IN A BAG” too! And, have popped a very tasty LED Video Light (Hot Shoe Mount) “IN A BAG” —So! To go with your 3LT tripod, you Hoodman Loupe, your $500 gift voucher from Adorama and your Slab of Coke… You now have an awesome video / hot light (Well, it’s cold, it’s LED!) to brighten things up! [Borge’s on Facebook]

speaking of Lighting! Elemental, sister company to 3 Legged Thing, have dropped in and have said that we should, with all of the lighting modifier type gear in our bag, have something to make it all sing! Enter the Godox Thinklite TT560 and the Godox ProPac and the ProPac cable (please note, this comes with the Godox cable, not the Nikon one) [Elemental on Facebook] 


And, if you’re using a tasty Godox Flash from Elemental, you’re going to need to hook that unit up with this! NINJA 4 CHANNEL WIRELESS FLASH TRIGGERS from Blackbelt Lighting! (Who doesn’t love a Ninja, right?!) [Blackbelt on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook]

WHAT AN AWESOME DAY – Always wanted to try OFF CAMERA FLASH! Well, now you can…



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  • Nancy, announced on our Facebook earlier.

  • And the winner is???

  • Scott

    Guesses… guesses… Sugar Plums? A Speedbelt System? A new Canon 5D Mark II??? That’s what’s dancing in my head!

  • Laura Lien

    I guess another bag -to keep this one from being so stuffed and to have room for more.

  • Sharon

    A gift card for travel – perfect!

  • Thanks!

  • Vasha Hunt

    A hydrophobia pair and an Apple MacBook Pro 17in laptop … So I’m dreaming, can ya blame me? Thanks so much for the contest guys!

  • laura

    Would love a bag big enough to fit Felix, The Tubby Tabby into. You should see him next to the Nikon 70-200 LOL

  • How bout a $500 gift certificate from Think Tank Photo!!!!

  • A Canon EOS 1D-X to bring the whole kit and kaboodle over $10,000 in prizes.
    Well… I’m a dreamer.

  • Ron Crain

    Oh, I so want, no Need a new Think Tank Airport Security 2 bag! Especially filled with gear so I can slide through Airport Security when I go to Europe. All that gear would come in real handy while I photograph the beauty of the world.

  • Silly fingers hit the button too soon. My Thinktank is my go to bag and I would love to win some new gear to use in my new paradise home while I am shooting. Merry Christmas to all.

  • I would love to win, but I don’t have time to do a cute picture of my dog with a funny saying cause I am busy packing for my move. I will say my Thinktank bag is my go to bag when I have a photoshoot