thinkTankPhoto IN A BAG Free Giveaway | Day 23

| December 21, 2011

Well folks, we made it! DAY TWENTY THREE! What a wild ride!….


We’ve had all sorts of amazing items dropped into our Airport Security V2.0 but we have one final item that’s going to fit right in with everything we’ve dropped in there…

We’ve dropped (very carefully!) an APPLE 16GB Wifi & 3G iPad 2 [A Black one, they didn’t come in Pinestone!] IN A BAG. You can read all about the iPad here

I hope you’ll agree, that’s a pretty full bag right there! OK, So, pop back on to our Facebook wall and tell us, what’s YOUR favourite item “IN A BAG” (Tag us if you like?)

The entry form remains live for about another…

And then we draw a winner! The winner will be announced here and on all of our social sites.

Remember, there’s still ONE Retrospective remaining to be claimed! We’ve had some great, creative video – what will you do to snap up the last one! (You have about 14 hours, go!) 

Here’s a Re-Cap for you… 

Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

See you tomorrow! Have your winning pants on, people! –Sime

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  • Hamidi Alwi

    Keeping my finger X! Good luck everyone!!!

  • OMG What a dream come true if I got this!! Well anything would surprise and tickle me pink!! 😀 Good Luck Everyone and Merry Christmas!! You guys are awesome for doing this!!!! 🙂

  • This contest is absolutely any photographers dream come true. The bag alone would make most people so thrilled and then you go and start adding stuff to it! What a great promotion for all involved!
    Favorite thing you ask, well of course it would have to be the Think Tank Bag! Simon you guys rock! You are going to rock some lucky winner’s world. Good luck to everyone as they go to bed dreaming of not sugarplum fairies, but of camera bags,three legged things, lighting Equiptment and oh so much more!

  • Stacey Crane

    I “think” I can…I”think” I can…

  • kevnmetzz

    I’m staying up until 2 a.m. for this. I cannot sleep. I have a good feeling. I seriously hope good luck to everyone. 😀

  • Maybe I’ll stay up, I’ll get some work done while waiting, like looking for retro pixs!

  • Santa Please …..

  • Greg J.

    Hot dang, an iPad to top-off an already chock-full bag of great giveaways! Good luck to everyone!

  • Tim Schlabach

    Hey Simon-
    I don’t know who came up with this give away, but this is really amazing!!!
    So much stuff; Great Stuff too… Anyway you’ve seen and heard it all in the last 2 weeks, it was a lot of fun… Hats off to THINK TANK PHOTO for such a great promotion idea. Everybody is on pins and needles awaiting the final announcement…

    • Thanks Tim! —I’m on pins&needles waiting to see who the winner is!


  • David Whitcraft

    I want a ipad so baaaaadly!!!!!

    David Whitcraft

  • The suspense is going to drive me insane!! *bites fingernails* ouch!

  • Elmer Nacianceno

    Super Like!

    • Elmer Nacianceno

      Super like the Nikon…Ipad2 + the Bag!!!

  • Please Santa I have been a good boy all year ( well mostly) if you could fit this in your sleigh and deliver it to my house. I promise I will try to be good next year too. Thank you Think tank and all the partners for this great prize good luck everyone.
    Eric Fuhrimann

  • Scott Daniel

    WOW!!! Best giveaway ever known to man! thinkTank Photo knows how to do it right!!!

  • Crossing my fingers for sure! I just want the bag itself mostly, lol! 🙂

  • Just when I thought this contest couldn’t get any better, you drop an iPad into it?!?! Suh-weet!

  • I would love to win “what’s in the bag”. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Pat B.

    Would love to win the bag…..favorite item is everything…for sure!!!

  • tony

    Please please Santa, if you let me win this bag I won’t ask for anything again (at least not until next year 😀 )

  • Bill Whetstone

    Living and working here at Old Faithful gives me numerous opportunities to use my camera equipment, but in winter, virtually none to go out and find these wonderful items that are ‘In a Bag’. Wearing my lucky pants, hat and mittens hoping to be drawn!

  • woooooohoooooooooooo