When Camels Attack! – David Coventry

| January 27, 2012

Working with National Geographic photographer Vince Musi on assignment for National Geographic’s June 2011 cover story, the world’s oldest temple “Gobekil Tepe“, I was attacked viciously by a camel.

Vince & I were up before sunrise making the best of the early morning light.
As we were about to photograph a 11,000 year old column, I was  bending down to adjust our Profoto strobe, two very curious  camels came over to see what I was doing, thinking that I had food.
Seeing that there was no food to be had, one camel unexpectedly reared back on its hind legs and with the full force of its body proceeded to stomp my back with its front legs. Fortunately I was wearing the Think Tank airport ultralight backpack which absorbed the full force of the blow, the experience was quiet shocking to say the least.
As well as my back not being broken which would have most certainly happened if I was not wearing the bag, the contents of the bag, a complete Canon camera system was undamaged also. The only signs of the attack was a couple of large dusty hoof prints on the bag.
Normally I don’t wear bags for long periods of time in the field, but the ultralight backpack is small & lightweight and holds a considerable amount , it is the most comfortable & lightest backpack I have ever used.
— David Coventry

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  • Vince Musi is one of the greatest photographers AND one of the funniest. Thank you Vince and David for bringing this great story back to us!