Chris Linder’s Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions

| February 17, 2012

We like to be able to give someone the chance to have an awesome new photography book and this is another one of those moments!

Chris Linder’s Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions

Oceanographer and photographer Chris Linder takes us on a tour of his new book Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions, a mix of breathtaking photos and fascinating stories of polar science as it’s done today. A love letter to science that reveals in all the beauty, power, and rugged isolation of the poles, it’s will inspire armchair travelers and budding scientists alike.

To win your copy – please LIKE Chris’s page on Facebook and let us know you’d like the book, below in the comments.


Open to everyone, everywhere. Random winner drawn in a couple of days.

Thank you Chris!



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  • Would love to take an adventure with Chris Linder’s book and my kids!

  • nom nom nom… I’d love the book!

  • love the pics and would like to find out more about what is going on,thru your book.keep up the great work.

  • jane palmer

    The book looks great!! I’d love to have a copy.

  • The video clip was interesting and I think the book will be even better

  • andy herbick

    Chris’s work is awesome and I’d love to have the book.

  • Scott Sante

    Photos are, well, just inspiring! Please send me the book! Chris is doing what many of us just daydream about.

  • Joianna Carson

    I would love a copy of this book. The photos are outstanding.

  • Wow, amazing. Yes, I would love to own this!

  • I would love to get my hands on this book! Awesome work!

  • tluvr

    Wow! Beautiful and Incredible book! would love to win a copy for my daughter who is studying photo journalism. Thanks for offering such a great contest prize!

  • Tluvr

    Wow, this looks incredible and beautiful. I would love to win this for my daughter who is studying photo journalism. Thanks for making this contest available!

  • Frank Tan

    Count me in. Liked the FB page and looking forward to checking out more pics.

  • Renard Barto

    I would Love to have this book!

  • Sounds like a cracking book! Hadn’t come across this guy until you folks posted about this book, i’ll be following him now – thanks!

  • Magda

    Very interesting book! I would love to have it!

  • I NEED a new awesome, inspiring photo book!

  • Robert Bockenkamp

    This is a must read for anyone into photography but if your heart lies with landscape, outdoors photography it is the Bible. This work is filled with breathtaking and inspiration
    On each and every page and leave everyone with the thirst for more.

  • Craig

    Chris, nice work. I looked at some of the images but I would like a book so I can study your work more closely. Also, as a nature photographer I am so jealous of your projects!

  • I would like that book very much.

  • I’d love to win a copy of this book it looks wonderful.

  • Looking forward to seeing new places and photo captures!

  • Love the work! Learn from each and every photographer out there! Ty!

  • Great stuff. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. Any chance you’ll throw in a bag!?

  • Marv Boetcher

    Great pictures for the ice cap, I would like to learn more about it!

  • thanks for an AWESOME chance to win books, you never stop LEARNING from BOOKS! Would LOVE to win some books!


  • Gary

    Looks like an awesome book to win

  • Bill Parmentier

    Very cool pics. Looks like a book really worth having and showing to friends.

  • Antti J

    I’d love to have that book, i bet it’s breathtaking..

  • Greg Timmis

    I’ve clicked and liked, and wouldn’t mind a nose at the book, seems interesting!! 🙂

  • Very cool book. I would love a copy.

  • I would love to learn more about his expedition!

  • Lis Petersen

    What a great present birthday present this book would be for my adventurous and inquisitive son… we all need decent role models for our children and these scientists embody the spirit of adventure!

  • Not a fan of the cold but this looks amazing enough to get me out there!

  • Would I like this book!?!??!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?! I would question the individual that didn’t! (individual=anyone… not just photographers!)

  • I’d like one of Chris’s books.

  • Aidan

    Hey there, as an aspiring photojournalist I’d really love to have the book! The work looks to be really amazing!