“Is that a Nikon camera bag”

| February 3, 2012

Whilst wandering about today with my Airport Security V2.0, I stopped in at a local cafe to have a chat with the guy making the coffee, about the beans he uses (as you do!)

We got to chatting and he whipped us up a couple of fairly tasty espressos. Sitting talking about the price of coffee, talking about the area (Richmond, in Melbourne) and then when we were about done, he gave my roller a quizzical glance (maybe it was the GoPromounted on the handle with the still flashing red light?) and asked “Is that one of those Nikon Camera Bags?” It made me smile, being a Canon camera owner… I simply said “Yeah! It is…. here, check it out” (That’s not it below, btw)

Think tank airport addicted

This photo submitted to our Flickr Group Pool by HairyDuck (aka: Kevin Lunham)

I guess, really, that he was right! It is one of those “Nikon Camera Bags” …but obviously it’s not ONLY one of those Nikon camera bags. We have so many different people tell us about the different awesome bits of kit that they put in their bags, camera related, sometimes not, that I just thought “Yeah, it really could be a Nikon camera bag” (I think Julie at Nikon Australia would love me for saying that!) What’s the most odd thing you’ve ever had in your camera bag?

What I’m getting at, in a weirdly round-about way is… We love seeing how you kind folk pack your bags! (Nikon, Canon or anything else!) I’ve seen some crazy packed bags in my days here at thinkTankPhoto! (Mr. Zagaris still wins!)  Some people have real trouble ‘picturing’ in their mind how it will all fit – and that’s why we love you submitting images to show us how YOU do it.

In the Antidote 2

This image submitted via our Flickr Group by MaximStencel Maxim is a freelance photographer based in Northern California, who shoot’s motorsports, news, and people. (And I see you made it to FlashBus, Maxim – was it good? I missed it, sadly!)

Our bags are not ONLY for Canon and Nikon, they fit most cameras (Unless you’re Tim Mantoani and have a 20″x24″ Polaroid!) …but today, my bag was “That Nikon Camera Bag” …I didn’t have the heart to tell the guy that it was packed semi-full with Canon kit, he had just purchased a new D5100 and loves it – Great! (As long as you’re shooting, right!)

Well then.. How do you pack yours? Put up a photo and link us in the comments below, or share it on our Share The Moment page (from where we’ll be featuring many more of your images over the next few weeks!)

Oh, what was I doing with the GoPro? Just rolling around…. 😉 #ComingSoon

Have a nice day!


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  • Looking forward to the video of your neck of the woods.

  • hey sime!
    was driving near richmond yesterday and if I had had your number I would have given you a bell!
    my son is DYING for a gopro, will send you a link to his passion! what do you use yours for???