Will you be at WPPI 2012

| February 17, 2012

We will be, we’re at booth #935 ….Walk in, right by Canon, turn right, say hello to Adorama Camera and turn left, wave to the folks at Tiffen and you will find us! (If you don’t wave at Tiffen, we don’t know what will happen!)

We will have a fully stocked booth for you to look at / try / fill up with gear / jump up and down. We will have people there that will be able to answer all of your questions.

  • You can buy products from us and take them with you. (If we don’t run out!)
  • You can try anything you like, with your own gear in it.
  • You can bring us coffee and donuts… Mmmmm donuts…
Here’s the kicker…. We want to get as many images of people using our gear / trying our gear / loving our gear at WPPI as is possible! We want them posted on our FACEBOOK WALL, we want them via INSTAGRAM, we want them TWEETED (Hash it up #ttpWppi)
We will be choosing a winner each day for the best photo, and they will win a camera bag!
(We don’t want your copyright / we would only like to share your image via our blog / social sites)
Come and see us, take photos, post them, win, smile.


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