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| March 7, 2012

I’m a photographer and I’m a lover of bags – that’s how I came to work with thinkTankPhoto! But as well as that, I love good gear… [read more after the pic]

Security with that?”]

..Gear that ‘just works’ and I love hearing about new gear and getting excited about products that people will love… Which leaves me in a bit of a quandary!

I know something YOU don’t know… oh la la!

And I can’t tell you ANYTHING about it… Keep watching! Ain’t I cruel!…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch!… 

Some things I’m loving at the moment, and I’d like your feedback on them, below!

The New Fuji X-Pro 1 – Is 4/3rds going places, are you a 4/3rds system user entirely? What do you think of this new camera from Fuji?… I think I want one… Hmm…

I’ve started using Nasty Clamps to keep my strobes in place, be that place the top of a door, half way up a tree or attached to my little boy’s toy truck (yes, really!) and even in the kitchen sink…  Who else is using these things? Very handy…

Nasty Clamps & Nasty Flags

Canon have made my 5DMKII ‘old’ ….but I still love it, though, many have expressed an urgent desire to upgrade to the 5DMKIII Immediately! Are you one of those? Start a conversation in the comments… And, Nikon, looking appealing… (despite a lens investment, obviously) Here is Vincent Laforet’s take on the whole thing

There’s also a great article on CNET Aus right now about Instagram making people better photographers – my take: I agree… Whilst you’re not shooting for an ad campaign (heck, you may be, soon #iPhone5) …it’s a great expression of creativity and a cool way to always be making images. What is your opinion? (everyone has one!)

Thanks Lexy!”]

In Other News…

We’ve switched up to TimeLine on our Facebook page, and we shall be changing out the banner image (hopefully weekly) to feature some of the awesome images we get in via Share The Moment (You can submit an image of you and your bag, and we’ll send you a little gift for doing it! Free stuff, for nothing!), timeline, do you love it, do you hate it – why?

We’re bringing #thinkTankThursday back – this Thursday we’re giving away a Retrospective Lens Changer of your choice, make sure you come back to the blog on Thursday…

Ohhhh…. new products make me all crazy!

Thanks for reading, leave a comment here, or on our Facebook post!

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  • Anthony Falsarella

    Simon, you’re a tease now! Loved reading the post though.

  • Looking forward to what gear you have in store Simon. I’m a big ThinkTank fan, although I only have one bag so far (a holster). As soon as my current travel bag wears out ThinkTank will be in the sites.

    5D Mark III – still trying to debate on whether to upgrade or not. There’s still a little L glass (primes) that I’d like to add to my bag and they may get prioritized over the new body.

    Fuji X Pro 1 – yeah, very nice cam. I’ve still got my eye on a Leica M9 though… I just have to rationalize the price – may be a few years yet.

    Are you going to give any hints on the size of the product you are hinting at?