| March 10, 2012

We missed posting thinkTankThursday on Thursday – but there’s no reason we shouldn’t just pretend that it’s still thursday somewhere!

To win ANY Lens Changer in our Retrospective range, simply comment below what you would do with your Lens Changer if you were the winner?

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You can enter wherever you live, as allowed by law, simply comment below – no purchase necessary. Winner chosen when next give-away starts, most likely next thursday!

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  • MarcosV

    If I won this bag, I would use it when a modular set with waist belt would be too awkward and my Retrospective 30 would be too much or not as easy to work out of. Something like carrying a 400/5.6L or 100-400 plus a 70-200/2.8.

  • If I was to win this bag, I would honestly sleep with it at night like a teddy bear (at least for the first few nights). Then I would slap it on my back, and ride all over town on my single speed bike like a dirty hipster, which will make my brothers happy and my wife roll her eyes. People will see me ride by and wonder what kind of journals I must keep in there. Then photographers will see me and know for certain that I have a 70-200 f/2.8 and a 16/35 f/2.8 in there simply by the way in hangs lopsided on my shoulder and then they’ll quietly ask themselves where I got it and I’ll shout out THINKTANKPHOTO really loud, causing them to spew their lattes all over their cute little fedoras in surprise and alarm.

  • Scott Daniel

    I would use it wherever I go! I’d carry my lenses in it of course!
    Love thinkTank!

  • Alan Jung

    With the LensChanger, I can lighten my load during outings and leave my Sling-O-Matic securely stashed away.

  • Lens on one side, water bottle on the other. Perfect for quick trips or location scouting.

  • Mark Acton

    It would make a good home for my 5×4 dark slides :). And maybe some lenses as well!

  • change lenses of course 😉

  • Jeff

    Would love one of these, so I can replace my duffle bag, I mean camera bag.

  • I’d use it for travelling. Can be annoying having to keep removing my backpack when wanting to change lenses!

  • jm

    I’ve just picked up my 2nd lens, and so this would be great so I could bring both of them around with me!

  • TimR

    Uh, change lenses?

  • Connor Hipps

    The first thing I think of are sporting events in a big city. When you want to enjoy an event, but also shoot on a proffesional level, you need accessibility as well as versatility. A lens carrier like this would be ideal.

  • dusica paripovic

    I hate carrying anything beside the camera while I’m shooting. That’s where my boyfriend and this bag come in handy. He won’t carry my purse, but with this bag, he would have no excuse! 🙂

  • I’d love to have this to take on photowalks, or on trips with my Retro 5 instead of having to lug around a half empty gigantic bag just to have my usual stuff.

  • A lens changer would be so convenient. I live along the river and have been lugging my large, bulky and heavy camera bag along with me for years. This limits my ability to get use the right lens for the situation. I have been wishing for a Think Tank bag for ages. Thanks for considering me. Michelle

  • Derik

    I would carry it around everywhere…either on photo days with lenses or everyday with my sons toys in there…a quick change of toy is as important as a smooth lens change sometimes 😛

  • Egidijus A

    I would use it for active shooting where mobility, lightness and quick access is a key factors. It would be especially usefull in street photography due to its discretion.

  • I would maybe put a lens in it. And attach it to my airport bag 🙂

  • Andreas Eliassen

    This bag would be perfect when I want to have only the essentials with me, the essentials being my camera and a couple of extra lenses. I would love it!

  • mrhans1313

    I would annoyed all my friends with this cool bag 😉

  • Stuart Vidler

    Well, I do my darnedest not to look smug when out with my photo-buddies. I mean, you gotta feel a little bit smug when you’ve got the best gear, right?

  • matt

    I use the fixed-focal lenses with video, so I have to change them quite a often.. This would be practical!

  • JP

    Take it to the field right away, naturally

  • ted

    well I would use one for a long zoom with a small dslr attached. The other pocket will hold a cold beer

  • Lennart

    When on a job this’d be the small bag designed to hold whatever you need when not wanting so carry the big bag. Especially for fotojournalism this could be super handy when in action…

  • Lennart

    I’d make a great team with the Retrospektive 30. When on the job

  • I need multiple lenses first, but for the time being it’ll do to keep a water bottle handy. It’s important to stay hydrated at all-day events.

  • Hend El Sady

    I live in Egyptand I’m going soon to South Africa in a once in alife time trip, I finally ordered a lens changer to take with me on that trip to switch betwee 16-85 and 50, but thanks to the rush to make the order I got the wrong size 🙁 I got the lens changer 50 insted of 15 and 25, and I can’t take it back now, It would be great if I had the chance to get the right size before the trip

  • Bruce Meyer

    As a travel photographer, a TT Lens Changer would be a very usefull tool for me when using different sized lenses and needing to get to them quickly.

  • Felix

    I would use it as my light bag with a 50 1.8 and an 85 on top as well as a 28-75 and a 70-200. Would be great for prom and other school events as im a teenager ;D

  • I would use my new, shiny bag on my 2 month long trip to New Zealand and Australia starting april 5th. With a pack on my back and climbing gear hanging on my left shoulder, the Retrospective Lens changer would look and feel good on my right. This bag would be the perfect for on location coffee shots in Melbourne as well as climbing photography in Castle Hill and Grampians. This bag would be perfect for me!

  • Chris Link

    I would use it every day as my commuter bag: compact camera, flash, sunglasses, etc.

  • Colton

    Honestly, I would gaze at this beautiful of gear and wish that I had more lenses to put in it! I’m not above walking around with an empty lens bag. If you’ve got it, be proud of it! Of course when I shoot weddings I would be renting lenses, but to own them and have them live in a ThinkTank Lens Changer bag….ah, ‘twould be bliss indeed!

  • Linus

    Would finally be able to quickly change lenses while on a job. Putting that backpack on the ground every time it’s time to change lenses quickly gets old… Should help to prevent scratches and dents on the lenses to.

  • This would be great during wedding for my 24-70 and 70-200 lens. 🙂

  • Bill

    Love to have one to carry just a lens or two with, instead of my whole bag. 🙂

  • This would come in handy

  • Steve W

    I would give a Retro Lens Changer 2 it to my fiancee. What better way to persuade her to carry my spare lenses than a shoulder bag with zero fashion-crisis potential?!

  • Aside from the fact that it would match my Retro 30, I’d finally be able to haul a couple extras along to handle running across critters when out shooting landscapes. Saweeeet! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Andrew

    I simply can’t hold enough in my current bag, so I would use it for those extra goodies.

  • Febrianto D.

    Put a lens mug (Nikon one (of course)) in one of the slots. If it’s so happen that I pick up the lens mug, that means the soon-to-be-mine Lens Changer is telling me to take a break & have a drink 🙂

  • I would put a banana under it and pretend it’s a smiley face with glasses B-)

  • Andrea

    Really nice bag.

  • John Wroblewski

    Nice and discreet, great for carrying extra glass for Street or Event shoots.. nice!

  • Hugo Botelho

    Wow! The Lens Changer is just what I need for changing my lenses on the go: “Wait a second while I change lenses… and… booom!… All setup for that great close-up shot!”

  • Todd Thompson

    I’d use it to change on the fly at baseball and football games where getting back to your full gear bag is tough.

  • I would slide my tools down in it, real deep, then take them out, attach them to my camera and fire.

  • After convincing my wife that it is NOT a wine bottle carrier, I would use it to carry my extra lenses during shoots…to which I would point out to clients that it is a wine carrier…but don’t tell my wife 🙂

  • Jeff

    A 70-200 and baby bottles, great combination!

  • This would be a great thing to have for when my giant gear bags are impractical. My wife looks at me funny when I load a metric ton of gear in the car “just in case.” One of these would be my new “just in case” bag.