The first Blue Slate Retro 30 IN THE WORLD

| April 23, 2012

….well, sorta!

We have a handful of review versions (same as release version, but out there already) with people – but if you win this one, you will be the first person on the planet with a Retro 30 in Blue Slate… This will immediately make you smarter, faster, stronger and a MUCH better photographer, and potentially more gullible.. hehe

Right then – You want to win? It’s Simple!

You have three days from now (So, roughly midnight Thursday April 26th Australian Time) to post below “Why you deserve to be the first person in the known universe to be sent a Retrospective 30 in Blue Slate”

You can make it a video, a photo, a photo story, a poem, a simple note… or a box of cupcakes sent to me office… Oh, whoops.. I mean.. err… JUST BE CREATIVE!

I know it’s tough – sometimes we don’t have time to get creative – but we’re photographers and so on… Use your three days to make a mini-doco on why you should be THE ONE…

Something I do when i don’t have time to get creative – I grab my camera and my 50mm lens, I stay within one block of my home (in any direction) and take SIX photographs – no more, no less – and I use them in a story of some kind… Maybe you could try this?

Whatever – Just make sure you either post your entry below in the comments, or on your own page and link to it below so we get to see it!

Instagram, Twitter? Use the tag #ttp3days

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you lot can come up with – there are some amazingly talented people amongst you!

Good luck…


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  • Randy Bertuccelli

    OK, I guess for the next contest I’ll have to make more of an ass of myself.

    Congrats Shady

  • ThinkTank! You can complete me! Check out the video I made to see how:


  • Here goes… why I wanna win… because I have a camera and a few lenses and flashes and just can’t seem to make it all fit in my current bag πŸ˜‰

  • Jamie Anderson

    Why? I have a mild form of OCD and can’t stop thinking about this until I get one. Got to have all the gear (ignore the fact I have no idea!).

  • Cen Wei

    Try again and again…

  • Stefan Simonsen



  • Shady, c/o Cathy Martindale

    I love hauling my owner’s camera gear on my Think Tank Thin Skin belt. She has pouches and stuff to fit whatever we need. My only complaint? It’s basic black. Now, that’s OK most of the time but everybody likes to get dressed up once in awhile. And with my coloring I would look SO GOOD in that Blue Slate Retro 30. I would even send you a picture of me carrying it.

  • Jean-Francois Bouchard

    I should be the one who wins the first retrospective 30 blue slate because I have a major project for this bag … getting to the next generation.
    My son is 3 years old photograph in-the-making with his Fisher-Price camera…

    if I win this bag, I’ll give it to my son in a few years so he can enjoy it as much as me. No worry the Retrospective 30 Blue slate will be as good as the first day!

  • Dean

    Roses are red violets are blue and so is my new bag

  • Grady Herndon

    My camera bag is nearly dead to me. Okay, not quite, but it’s aged and slightly broken and dirty to the point it shall only be used for color festivals and other events that it could take on mud.
    Also, I am about to graduate from a photo program in college and could use an awesome gift for the feat, who knows when I can afford new gear again.

  • Ryan Seibert


  • Jeff

    It will make my gear only look 1/2 as crappy as it is.

  • HenryS

    Because I want to be the first European/Austrian owning the 30!

  • Mike

    Because my nickname is “blue monster”, owing to the fact that most my clothes are blue.

  • Anthony Falsarella

    Blue is the color of choice for me on anything. The retrospective 30 bag would be the perfect compliment to my gear. I believe quality gear helps give you the frame of mind that your gear is safe while your exploring the artistic and creative side with your camera. Having a Blue Slate bag would be the cherry on top of the cake. πŸ˜€

  • Erick Diavlo

    Because my Retro 10 needs a mate, and i think this Retro 30 blue is gonna be the perfect mate together

  • Cen Wei

    Never give up!

  • Cen Wei

    Try again and again and again and again.. >.<

  • Why? Because I’m getting married soon and won’t have the dough buy Thinktank’s awesome bags for quite some time. πŸ™ Winning the Blue Slate Retrospective 30 would be a really superb wedding present! πŸ˜€

  • Carina Thornton

    Because my camera doesn’t fit in my Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket…

  • Why i love thinktank? Because i love if you use a product and you feel every second that the people thought about everthinig creating it. Sometimes this lead to a very simple solution and this i call perfection. My thinktank products are perfect!

  • Randy Bertuccelli

    I love my black TT bag for my designer rags,
    Styling my camera loot for my beatnik shoots,
    while matching my turtleneck and pointy boots.
    But something’s missing…

    And there’s my Pinestone Retro 20 that get’s all the attention.
    Be it an earth day celebration or a hippy convention.
    Great shots come at a price and although the tree-hugging look is nice,
    what I really appreciate is that it keeps my Zeiss gear precise.
    Still something’s missing…

    I need a new bag that can fit a new mood,
    be it levi’s with a dress shirt or a pinstriped zuit suit.
    Something with color for fun but not too loud or overdone.
    And a size I don’t have would be mustard on the bun.

    Blue is cool and I’m glad it’s now in the line,
    it gives the great bag designs even more shine.
    I’m a good customer and it’s likely someday I’ll own one,
    but wouldn’t it be cool if that someday was now WON? πŸ™‚

  • Because this isn’t fooling anyone πŸ™