Retrospective 20 – Blue Slate Giveaway

| April 20, 2012

The Retrospective 10 saw a lot of you entering ‘blue’ images – and though it was tough, looking through them all and there being some really awesome photographs – there was one that appealed to me today – it said new, fresh, inspiring and growing – SPRINGY

Carrie Gabella is the proud new owner of the Blue Slate Retrospective 10

Which brings us to the Retrospective 20, the first one in the known universe to be sent to one of you…

You know you want me....

What crazy hoops do you need to jump through this time? Well…. read on, dear reader..

Simple! Pop on to our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ and leave us this message…

“I wish I was feeling blue! – #thinkTankPhoto”

It’s that simple! We will be looking out for your messages over the next 24 hours – And then, a randomly selected winner will be sent a Blue Slate Retrospective 20!

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  • Candice Corbin

    I could really use this! I have been saving money for camera equipment and really need it and would take great care of it! I have rented a lot of equipment from my university and know that I will need stuff when I get out of school so I am doing everything I can to get the gear I need! here is a link to my website! check it out if you’d like! 🙂

  • Kamika Dedeaux

    I wish I was feeling blue choose me please!

  • Carlo Cruzada

    Hoping to be randomly selected.. Still wishing I was feeling blue… 🙂

  • That cool BLUE Slate Bag would go smooth with my Blue Armani Glasses, what do you think?

  • be mine!!!

  • William T

    “I wish I was feeling blue! – #thinkTankPhoto”

  • Congratulations to Carrie Gabella for winning the cool Blue Slate Retrospective 10!

    And yes, I wish I was feeling blue!

  • Angelos Matakiadis

    Probably the 1st time i wish to have my blues…

  • Evert

    I wish I was feeling blue! – #thinkTankPhoto

  • André

    Twice blue already..i almost look like your new bag already…would really suit me now 😉

  • Cen Wei

    Still hoping to get this awesome camera bag this time.

  • Mike Hendrickson

    I love how I submitted the one for the 10 like 30 minutes before they closed the contest. I bet they didn’t even look at it :/

    Oh well, the 20 is a better size for my gear anyway. Lets go Think Tank! 🙂

    • Mike – I look at ’em all, though I can’t recall what yours was – there were a couple of hundred! sorry! –Good luck with the 20 / 30


  • Jean-Francois Bouchard

    I was ready for the Retrospective 10… 🙂

  • mike bernardo

    I wish I was feeling blue!
    I hear blue is the new black!

  • ian tolentino

    retro blue 20 would be a great addition!!!

  • so blue!! 🙂

  • Great products that make photography even more fun!

  • Steve

    Hey now don’t leave me feeling blue, I want to win too!

  • A Retrospective 10 would still look awesome carrying my Nikon D40 in. Congratulation to the Winner.

  • Steve

    Don’t leave me feeling blue please!

  • Brad
  • Matt

    Done! 🙂

    Would LOVE to add this to my collation of beloved ThinkTank gear!!

  • I am so excited to be the winner! Thank you so much THINK THANK PHOTO! I have to go skip around and let out my excess glee and go on and have a fabulous day.. thanks to the fact that I’m the brand new owner of this super secret bag!

  • Well I missed the 5…and the 10…so I’m totally game for whatever contest is next!