Aviator Travel Jib | Get Dynamic

| June 25, 2012

To get a little dynamics into your video, it’s nice to add a little movement | Aviator Travel Jib

This is a great example of a product that people believe in [via Kickstarter] I may have mentioned this before on our Facebook page, But I’m pretty excited that it’s made it to ‘funded’ and then it’s continued on, flying right by 50k and it’s almost up to 100k!

I have only ever used my 5D MKII for stills and a little bit of ‘muck about’ video – I’d like to do more, but the content generally ends up fairly static and I don’t end up showing many people… A lot of our friends on the internet are pretty amazing with the whole HD Slr video stuff…

Share your video work below, we love being inspired by your creative talents…




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