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| August 21, 2012

It’s #Awegust here at thinkTankphoto! We’ve been counting our chickens and tending to our gardens and we figured it was time we showered a little thinkTank love! For the rest of this month, we’ll be running a little give-away via the blog and our other social sites, all you need to do is make sure you’re *friends* with us on one or more of our social sites, and that you’ve left us a simple hello in the comments under this post, maybe let us know if you’re a Facebook fan, or if you follow our Instagram feed, or if you personally stalk our social media manager in order to buy him a nice cup of coffee…wherever, whatever.


You into this crazy tweeting business?! Tweet the love right now!

Let’s get to the prizes!

1st Place wins an Airport Security rolling camera bag with up to $200.00ย worth of whatever other thinkTank gear you would like stuffed inside… (That’s about 600 dollars worth!)

2nd Place wins a Streetwalker Pro camera backpack and 3rd Place takes home a Retrospective 20 camera bag

All you need do, is show us a little virtual love and then say hello below! Where you’re from and where you’re following us [e.g. Instagram] down there in the comments. Simple!

The give-away is open to everyone, everywhere* and the winners names will be randomly selected on Friday August 31st and announced here on the blog. We may email entrants just once after the competition closes.

*You give us permission to use your name to announce the winner, the winner is responsible for customs / excessive delivery charges (for example, if you live on the mars lander..) and this give-away is only valid where allowed by law…


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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Simon manages social media for www.thinktankphoto.com You can find out more about Simon here - http://about.me/gtvone
  • A 6-piece thinktank owner for several years…. you’re gear is the best! Also a FB and instagram friend. regards!

  • Hi think tank, i am a FB follower of yours from the Philippines. i am an aspiring wedding photographer, my mom gave me a streetwalker pro as a b-day gift for me. which is very very veryyyyy useful, 1 of my dreams is to have a think tank stroller camera bag. What i love about your products is the ergonomics and the materials use and its comfortableness. ๐Ÿ™‚ So keep it up think tank, i’ll be one of your supporters even if my photography career ends ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless!

  • hi from Portugal, im a fan of yours on facebook and twitter. i like very much your gear, and i have a few of them. many thanks for all

  • I love Think Tank bags and follow you all over the social stuff… !

  • Hi thinktank! I am a facebook follower of yours and i’m an aspiring wedding photographer in the philippines. ๐Ÿ™‚ My mom gave me a street walker pro as my b-day gift and i love it so much. i really dreamed to have one of your stroller bags such as the airport security rolling bag. anyways, keep up the good work, what i really liked about your products are the ergonomics and specially the comfeeness that it gives me during my shoot ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless!

  • Marc

    Hidy Ho there Think Tank!

    I’m a facebook follower and all around general fan. Dont own one, but have drooled on, and ruined many of your bags at my local camera shop. They are still P.O.’d and wont let me in the store anymore. Please help put an end to this madness.

  • best ever.believe me. there is nothing like this outside there. everybody should have this great material…..

  • best ever.believe me. there is nothing like this outside there.

  • Love? I am not sure if I am “in love” with my Think Tank products……
    No, not really, as this word doesnยดt get close to describing how great it is to work and rely on my Steroid Belt and pouches, lens/camera covers and more.
    They are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Love your thinktank bags and follow you though the hilarious Facebook postings.

    Been using my ShapeShifter for 2-3 years and have taken the 30 lbs bag through the cold San Francisco weather, dry Las Vegas heat, and sandy beach locations in Southern California.

    Through it all NOTHING has broken or come loose. AND the padding is still comfortable.

    THANK YOU for a great product.

  • han

    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aiham Dib

    a THINK-TANK GIVING day . a turkey included ?

  • please please send me my prize ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Think Tank….Your range of bags is definitely the dogs b—-x….Ive just gotta win one….I promise I will look after it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mary Brown

    Like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, work down the street from your store, have a crush on you, Simon, and will gladly buy you coffee the next time I’m in Melbourne (I want to go back to Babble!) or you’re in the Santa Rosa/SF area!

  • Hey Sime,

    I hope you’re having a great summer. You know I’m following you on every social media site possible.

    – Stan

  • Hi, I am a facebook liker. Just ordered my first Think Tank bag and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Mitymous

    Hi Thinktankers! Following you on FB and Twitter, from the hinterlands of NH. Sure would love to win some gear!

  • I follow TT on Facebook. I already have an airport security, but wouldn’t mind another for my lights!

  • Liking Your pictures on Instagram. Greetings from Singapore!

  • Warren Ackary

    Saw this AWEsome Awegust Article on Facebook.. couldnt help myself.. had to say g’day!

    Follow TTP on

    Now everyone who isnt here, get here and say hi to all at TTP & Sime (he likes short black)

  • Sascha

    Follow you on Facebook from Germany.

    But most of the time your products follow me on my back or rolling behind me…

  • Hi guys and girls, I follow you on Facebook and twitter! Good work all!

  • Am I too late? Either way I love your stuff!

  • Avid facebook fan!

  • Zoltรกn Jakab

    I’m from Hungary, Europe. I’ve recently purchased my first ThinkTank bag and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I follow you on facebook.

  • Never had a bag which is so good, and I’m not the only one, had to swipe down for a whole minute ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lovin my Airport Commuter, planning on purchasing more thinktankphoto products in the future

  • Yosuke Kato

    Hello, thinkTank. I’m Facebook, G+, twitter follower.

    I love my retrospective 30.

    I need new camera bag now, my Lowepro bag is broken (I guess they don’t use YKK zipper)

  • i THINK i never been late to say hello to all of you guys,TANK ‘s everyone!

  • Theresa H

    Hi there!! fan on facebook!!

  • Molly Kolecki

    Fan from FB here..but, I mean, I can’t really admit that I am the social media manager’s stalker (don’t look behind you at the chick on her phone) but I am. maybe.

  • Hi thinktank, loving my Airport commuter. Planning to get more of your products in the near future.

  • Yay! I’m a follower of SEVERAL social network/ThinkTank accounts!

  • Love the simplicity and style as well as the ease of use of the quality Think Tank gear.

  • Hello Think Tank, love my bags and modular systems.

  • Hola from Miami! I follow you on Facebook.

  • Been following on Twitter for awhile and recently ordered a TT pro speed belt and components. They should arrive tomorrow–can’t wait! I’ll be trying them out in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park just a short drive from home!

  • Cary Spangler

    I’m sitting here with my Airport Security V2, my Urban Disguise 50 and my AI15 while I wait for the UPS man to deliver my Shapeshifter. As soon as it gets here I’m loading it up and heading for Photoshop world! I follow you guys on FB and Twitter and love your products.

  • Kevin

    FB, Twitter, G+ follower and a happy Retro 10 user here!

  • Absolutely love my Airport Security Bag. Live in Texas. Follow you on Facebook. You guys lead the universe in the coolest and most practical tools for photographers! Keep up the awesome work.

  • David Franklin

    Hey Think Tank!

    I must admit that I’m new to Think Tank but I keep hearing the folks at CreativeLIVE singing your praises so I’m checking you out. Impress me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi guys, really love Think Tank products and would so like to get my hands on an Airport Security. I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

  • josh

    Big fan on twitter. I’d actually prefer the 2nd and 3rd prizes over the 1st!

  • Hello, loving the thinkTANK range

  • Looking forwards to one day breaking my L****** habit and getting one of these ๐Ÿ™‚ follow you on Twitter.

  • Lizzi

    I follow you on twitter – great stuff.

  • Of course I’m here for the give-a-way, but you guys do have excellent products and great service. Thanks for the products and service you provide for us photographers.

  • Love your bags, could really use one for my next trip!!

  • Greetings from the twitter-verse!