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| September 16, 2012

A photographic business webinar workshop series that may be beneficial to you.

Give Your Photo Biz A Kick
Do you have a dream for your photography business, but you don’t know how to get there? Do you wonder if you’re establishing a strong brand? Do you ponder all the opportunities out there and wonder why you’re struggling to get anyone to pay attention?

Join amazing speakers including Tamara Lackey, Rosh Sillars, Skip Cohen, Angela Pointon and Seshu for this webinar series:
A Swift Kick: Four Things Every Photographer Should Know About Business

Register for all four webinar sessions and support an amazing website, Tiffinbox (www.tiffinbox.org), which helps photographers just like you for only a $25 donation.

Want to listen to a recording, rather than attending live? No problem! A recording of each LIVE webinar session will be sent to everyone who registers.

Learn more about the details and register here

Ready to attend all four webinar sessions? You rock star, you!
By registering for all four at once, you give $25 to an amazing website Tiffinbox, and you gain in courage, confidence and smarts for your business.
You’ll gain access to all four sessions of:
A Swift Kick: Four Things Every Photographer Should Know About Business

Here are the details, dates and times of each session. Please keep in mind that if you’re unable to attend any/all LIVE sessions, a recording of each session will be sent to everyone who registers.

Session 1: Gut Instinct (September 19th from 8:30 – 9:30 EDT)
We all have something innate in us that tells us what decisions are good, and what decisions are bad. Understand how to listen to your gut instincts, how to decipher between instinct and fear, and how to make wiser decisions in your business.
During this session Angela will show you:
– Examples of your gut instinct so you know how to recognize it
– Stories of your gut saying, “I told you so, honey” (we’ve all heard that before)
– What the voice of fear sounds like, and how not to misinterpret that fear for gut
– How to gain confidence in your gut instinct by allowing other people to prove it, first
This session promises to be entertaining, full of true stories of gut instinct gone right and gut instinct gone bad.

Session 2: Discipline (October 3rd from 8:30 – 9:30 EDT)
Guest speaker: Tamara Lackey
Do you have a dream for your business, but you don’t know how to get there? Do you find yourself daydreaming about your business taking off, but then you go back to watching tv all night long?
During this session, Angela and Tamara will teach you:
– How to dream big, after all it’s what inspires all of us
– The art of creating goals that align with that dream (and deleting goals that don’t)
– Insight into daily steps to get to your goals
This session is the straight stuff. No messing around. Expect to receive the inspiring bootie kick your business needs.

Webinar Session 3: Branding (October 17th from 8:30 – 9:30 PM EDT)
Guest speaker: Rosh Sillars
We get this question a lot: what do you think about my brand? Understanding what makes a good brand, a bad brand, a strong brand or a weak brand can be confusing.
With simplicity and clarity, Angela and Rosh will clearly outline:
– What the heck is a brand anyway?
– How to establish your brand
– How to know if your brand is doing well, poorly or just somewhere in between
This session will clear out the fog around the word “branding” and make sense of it all, while also showing you exactly what you need to do within your business to establish a totally kick butt brand for yourself.

Session 4: The Right Tools (November 7th from 8:30 – 9:30 EDT)
Guest speaker: Skip Cohen
If you think your business is awesome, but no one knows about it, that’s a problem. There are a ton of opportunities out there, so why are you struggling to get anyone to pay attention?
During this session, Angela and Skip are going to teach you:
– How to get people to know who you are with a shoestring marketing budget
– Why your competitors should be treated more like friends
– A list of free things you can do to get your business rockin’
This can’t-miss session will guide you toward the marketing ideas that work, and will help you cross some off that don’t or aren’t worth the money.


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