Sub Urban Disguise | Change Up v2.0 New Camera bags from thinkTankPhoto

| January 9, 2013

We’ve launched a new range and an upgraded camera bag, and we’re giving one of each away! Read on, reader…

PMA @ CES seemed like a great time to unveil our new range of camera bags, the Sub Urban Disguise – clearly a play on our Urban Disguise range of camera bags. The “Sub Urban” are smaller, lighter and aimed toward photographers with standard sized dSLR / SLR cameras or smaller gear like 4/3rds, Mirrorless and the like…


Sub Urban Disguise camera bag range from thinkTank Photo


The other little change we’ve gone and made is an upgrade to our very popular Change-Up, now the Change-Up v2.0 The Change Up V2.0 is a chameleon of sorts as it can change from belt pack to shoulder bag to chest….[read more]


Change-Up V2.0 Camera Bag from thinkTank Photo



Now, I have one of each the Change-Up v2.0 and each size of the SubUrban Disguise camera bags to give to someone. Easy to win, share this with your social media circles and pop a comment in below which one you’d like to win and where you’re from.

If you tweet, please also hit the button below!

Fine Print : The give-away is open to anyone from any country we can ship to and where applicable by law (without having to charter a space ship) any random taxes, duties or fees are covered by you, postage is covered by us. If you’re under the age of 18, well done for being into photography early, and, make sure you have a parent’s permission to enter.


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  • Michelle

    The Sub Urban Disguise bag looks very nice. I’m in FL and would love to have something easy to carry into the Everglades when I shoot the wildlife.

  • Christine

    The sub Urban Disguise sounds great! I’m from Illionis!

  • Debbie

    I would love to win the Change up v2.0 this looks like it would be a great pack!!

  • L Yenko

    The Sub Urban Disguise 20 or 30 looks like the perfect daily/street bag. ♥
    I have the Urban Disguise 60 v2.0, and it’s perfect for longer travels and photoshoots, as is the Streetwalker Pro.

  • Change Up Looks like an Awesome Bag! Would love to win one!

  • Anthony Galvan

    Would like to win the Suburban Disguise bag. I’m from Lexington, KY

  • AJ Hall

    Hello from Rocky Top! I hail from Knoxville, TN and I’d love to show off a new Change Up v2.0.

  • Change Up
    Raleigh, NC

  • Matt

    The Sub Urban Disguise 20 looks just about right for my needs. From Cleveland, OH.

  • change-up! change-up!

  • I would love to have a change up V2! I live in the Washington DC area where it is often not advisable to let people know you are carrying photo gear. A bag like this would go a long way to assuring my safety and providing some peace of mind.

  • Also just shared in the twitter-sphere.. I would like a chance to win the Sub-Urban Disguise and I am living in Austin, Texas!! Thanks!!

  • The Change-Up v2.0 looks awesome! Love your bags and would love to win one!
    Cary, NC

  • Sharing on FB and Twitter. I’d love the Sub Urban Disguise in any size, but particularly in the 20. I’m in Israel but if I am lucky enough to win I might prefer to have it sent to the US, depending on the timing :).

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Change-Up Version 2.0! Living in Austin, TX. God blessed Texas!

  • Bill Manning

    Shared on my FB page. I’m liking the suburban.

  • Change-Up V2.0 – living in Austin, Texas!

  • Mordechai

    Hey I’m mordechai from Waterbury ct and I would love to win the sub urban!

  • I’d really love to win one of the Sub Urban Disguise bags! I’m from the green mountain state, Vermont.

    ThinkTank photo is the best!

  • vote for SubUrban Disguise from Bosnia and Herzegovina 🙂

  • Maria M

    Change Up V2.0 looks really perfect for me! Greetings from Greece!

  • Andree Anne Ouellet

    I would love the Suburban here in Montreal, Canada! 🙂

  • Winning a free Change-Up V2.0 would be awesome!

    • Ooppps… forgot to mention I’m near Saratoga Springs, NY.

  • I would LOVE the Sub Urban Disguise 30. It would be perfect for my new purchase 🙂

    • Oh and I’m from Chicago 🙂

  • deana bruckner

    I like the look of the new bag. The fact that there is a zipper on the top is what I need. Would love the one change up v2.0 that would be awesome. Have a great day.

  • Emil Geithner

    I’d put a Change-Up V2.0 to good use!

  • I am based out of Burlington VT. and I would to get my hand on a Suburban Disguise……

  • Bryan Kuhn

    I would be interested in the sub urban disguise bag. I like ts compact size and the look does not draw attention to you. I like to keep my camera with me as often as possible and this just looks very convenient.

  • Debra Harlander

    This would be a great addition, as my 15 year old bag just busted a buckle!!! Thanks for great products!!

  • David

    Sub urban disguise would be my choice here in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

  • The Change Up V 2.0 looks like the perfect bag for “on the go” shooting in the vast prairie around Manhattan, KS USA

  • Marilena Ga

    I would love the sub urban disguise 30! I am from Greece

  • Teydi

    The Change-Up v2.0 would be great for my new camera 😀 and lens!

    I’ve shared on TWITTER (T3YD1) and FB (Teydi Aeriagames)

    • Teydi

      I’m from Pordenone, Italy

  • Would love a Sub Urban disguise after my last camera bag was stolen 🙁

    All the way from Trinidad in the Caribbean 🙂

  • Dakota Lloyd

    Posted on Twitter!

    I prefer the suburban designs! the 20 is nice and rounded between the other two since I don’t have a tablet…

    And i’m up in canadia!

  • Ooooh, and I’m from Port Elizabeth in South Africa 🙂

  • Would love to have one your bags. The disguise works for me!!

  • We’re freezing and covered with snow up here in Nashua, NH, and we’d love to warm our bodies (and lenses!) with a new Think Tank bag! 🙂

  • I’d likes me a Sub Urban Disguise camera bag range from thinkTank Photo. You can’t have too many camera bags and I can see this one to use in street shoots.

    Dave Burckhard
    PicturePoint On-line

  • Michele DeNardo

    I currently wear my camera backpack backwards to access my equipment.
    I would love a swanky new ThinkTank bag to carry my gear!
    Putting post up on Google+

    • Michele DeNardo

      Oh and I am in West Chester PA

  • Awesome, thanks for the giveaway! Sub Urban Disguise 30 would be my choice 🙂 Crossing fingers…

  • Jeffery Kordsmeier

    Sub Urban Disguise | Rogers, Arkansas, U.S.A.

  • Wow! The Change-UP V2.0 would be nice to show off to the 800+ members of our camera club here in Green Valley, AZ.

  • The Change Up would be awesome in a rural suburb of Green Bay, WI

  • Would love to use one of these new bags in Orlando to shoot sports..

  • Thanks for making great products!

  • Change-Up V2.0 would be a great addition to my current bags! Based in Germany

  • Luis Sales

    SubUrban Disguise would be awesome for urban shooting excursions!

  • David Wiewel

    Any bag would be amazing! Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

  • john b

    I would love to have a Change-Up v2.0 and i am from Greece.
    Thank you!