Sub Urban Disguise | Change Up v2.0 New Camera bags from thinkTankPhoto

| January 9, 2013

We’ve launched a new range and an upgraded camera bag, and we’re giving one of each away! Read on, reader…

PMA @ CES seemed like a great time to unveil our new range of camera bags, the Sub Urban Disguise – clearly a play on our Urban Disguise range of camera bags. The “Sub Urban” are smaller, lighter and aimed toward photographers with standard sized dSLR / SLR cameras or smaller gear like 4/3rds, Mirrorless and the like…


Sub Urban Disguise camera bag range from thinkTank Photo


The other little change we’ve gone and made is an upgrade to our very popular Change-Up, now the Change-Up v2.0 The Change Up V2.0 is a chameleon of sorts as it can change from belt pack to shoulder bag to chest….[read more]


Change-Up V2.0 Camera Bag from thinkTank Photo



Now, I have one of each the Change-Up v2.0 and each size of the SubUrban Disguise camera bags to give to someone. Easy to win, share this with your social media circles and pop a comment in below which one you’d like to win and where you’re from.

If you tweet, please also hit the button below!

Fine Print : The give-away is open to anyone from any country we can ship to and where applicable by law (without having to charter a space ship) any random taxes, duties or fees are covered by you, postage is covered by us. If you’re under the age of 18, well done for being into photography early, and, make sure you have a parent’s permission to enter.


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  • Rick Smith

    I think the Change Up V2.0 is a great design and would be great to win.

  • A Sub Urban Disguise 30 would be perfect for my work! Thanks for your great products… from Los Angeles.

  • Anesti Vega

    I shared on Twitter (@anestivega) and would love the Sub Urban Disguise bag! I live in Tampa Florida!

  • Colin Moore

    Prefer change up here in North Bennington VT!
    Keep up the great stuff!

  • Ryan Maine

    The SubUrban Disguise would be a great thing to carry around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

  • Florida, USA – Would love the Change Up, or large size Sub Urban!

  • I’d like to win either…. very cool offerings.

  • Christopher Hamilton

    That suburban disguise would be great here in Austin, TX! please please please

  • Stephanie Pound

    I would really appreciate being able to own your bag! My dad has one of your bags and he loves it.
    Sunnyvale, Ca

  • Susan Valladao

    Shared this on my FB page. I ‘d love to win! I’m in Dublin, CA

  • Change up v2 looks cool! Howell, NJ

  • kevin wong

    Change Up looks like an awesome bag to have, I want one please 🙂

  • Anthony Nguyen

    The Sub Urban Disguise is the one I’d like to win.

    Denver CO

  • Photography swag Love them!

    • Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Claire

    They both are awesome, but the Sub Urban is my pick! From Brooklyn, NY.

  • hello changeup 2.0. nice to meet you.

  • Jomar

    I would love to get one. I’m going to travel to Japan and the Philippines and it would be perfect to test it out for durability and comfort. After that, do an in depth product video review when I get back.

    I’m in Richmond, CA. Thanks!

  • I’d love a Sub Urban Disguise!

  • I like the look of the Sub urban Disguise.

  • I would love to have the Sub Urban Disguise photo bag. It looks Fashionable and easy to access.

  • Brandi LaRaye

    I’d love to win the Change Up V2.0! :0)

    Brandi La’Raye
    Orlando, FL

  • Light is right.
    The Sub Urban Disguise 5 is a great size.
    In beautiful Central Oregon.

  • Christopher Martin

    he Change-Up v2.0 looks awesome! Love your bags and would love to win one!

  • Oops I meant to say SUD 20.

  • I really dig these sly camera bags. Keep em comin’!!!

  • Avishai Avivi

    I’d love the sub urban 2.0!!! Los Gatos, CA

  • Sub Urban Disguise 30 would be awesome!

  • I think the Sub Urban Disguise would fit nicely under my arm.

  • Dawn

    Sub Urban looks good to me!

  • Alan Olson

    The Change Up V2 looks great! Shared on Twitter from Zimmerman, MN

  • Betty Baez

    Tweeted! I love the change up for sure! Modena, NY

  • I think I’d go for the SubUrban Disguise–sounds very spy-novelish. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Change-Up V2.0. I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh 🙂

  • Oops…forgot to say I’m from Missouri. Awesome giveaway.

  • What awesome bags! Sure would love to win one.

  • Nathan del Rio

    Would love the Sub-Urban Disguise. From Bella Vista, AR.

  • Change up V2.0! What a gorgeoud bag!

    I’m in Smyrna, Tennessee

  • Jeannine D

    The Change up! If it’s fits a Mark III – Philly, PA

  • Walter Street

    I’m from Chicago and as a photographer who travels from location to location quite a bit, the SubUrban Disguise camera bag seems to fit my style and needs at times when I need to be low-key and not draw too much attention for potential theft.

  • Akin


    Sub Urban Disguise 20!

  • Jariel

    Greetings from Jamaica Change-Up v2.0 is the right one for me Ya man!!

  • Jaime Wykle

    Love the Sub-Urban Disguise. From Renick, WV

  • Tough choice, but the Change Up looks great and would certainly be useful for me!

  • Jean Fernandez

    The Change-Up v2.0 looks like an easy bag to carry! I live in the Bay Area in California–bag looks good for shooting street scenes in San Francisco.

  • Jan Bracciale

    I would love the Changeup V2 bag! I am Located in Phoenix, Arizona

  • David

    The zippers on my “main” bag ripped, and my camera and lenses now must be scattered across two smaller bags, making it very difficult to “load up”. I’d love to replace the ripped bag with a won Change-Up v2.0!!

  • Debbie

    I would love to win the Change-up v2.0 ….good morning from the North Georgia Mountains

  • Tanya Lea. mcConnell

    Done! Sub Urban Disguise – looks awesome! great products!
    Atco, NJ

  • Pam Buie

    The Change-Up v2.0, actually either would work be great! Always on the go & with this amazing scenery & architecture. I’m in Germany. Shared on my FB page

  • The Sub Urban would be killer in Philly!