Sub Urban Disguise | Change Up v2.0 New Camera bags from thinkTankPhoto

| January 9, 2013

We’ve launched a new range and an upgraded camera bag, and we’re giving one of each away! Read on, reader…

PMA @ CES seemed like a great time to unveil our new range of camera bags, the Sub Urban Disguise – clearly a play on our Urban Disguise range of camera bags. The “Sub Urban” are smaller, lighter and aimed toward photographers with standard sized dSLR / SLR cameras or smaller gear like 4/3rds, Mirrorless and the like…


Sub Urban Disguise camera bag range from thinkTank Photo


The other little change we’ve gone and made is an upgrade to our very popular Change-Up, now the Change-Up v2.0 The Change Up V2.0 is a chameleon of sorts as it can change from belt pack to shoulder bag to chest….[read more]


Change-Up V2.0 Camera Bag from thinkTank Photo



Now, I have one of each the Change-Up v2.0 and each size of the SubUrban Disguise camera bags to give to someone. Easy to win, share this with your social media circles and pop a comment in below which one you’d like to win and where you’re from.

If you tweet, please also hit the button below!

Fine Print : The give-away is open to anyone from any country we can ship to and where applicable by law (without having to charter a space ship) any random taxes, duties or fees are covered by you, postage is covered by us. If you’re under the age of 18, well done for being into photography early, and, make sure you have a parent’s permission to enter.


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  • Manuel Moreno

    I have a Airport Ultralight V2.5 and I’m looking for a small bag. Sub-Urban Disguise 20 looks perfect: solid, compact and discrete. I’d love to win one. I’m from Spain.

  • Mitchell Hughes

    I want one 🙂 !!! I’m in the process of upgrading to more professional gear. I don’t even have a good camera bag. Tear… sniff… tissue… letting it all out now… I’ll be okay, eventually…

  • Bob Ettinger

    A sub urban would be a great compliment to my other TT bags


  • Omer

    It’s about time I replaced my worn camera bag.

  • heather

    Sub urban would be great in Oklahoma!

  • I’ve love that Sub Urban Disguise.

    (from San Jose, CA)

  • Oh, and I’m in Portland, Or. That rain cover would really come in hady!

  • Dave Stafford

    Sub Urban Disguise would be awesome to use – here in Tipp City Ohio! Were kind of Sub Urban here…

  • Oh man! That Sub Urban Disguise 30 looks like the perfect match for the business that I established just TODAY – panoramic photography of business interiors and exteriors. It’ll fit all the gear I need (camera and “office”), except the tripod, to conduct my business and probably an extra lens so I that I’m prepared to grab that fleeting shot between panoramic shoots.

    • Oh, and I’m in Portland, Or. That rain cover would REALLY come in handy!

  • I would love to win the change up bag-super design!!

  • I LOVE both bags, if I win-Do me the pleasure of surprising me! 🙂 BTW: I’ve shared on facebook and twitter!

  • would love the change-up bag-really a great design!

  • The V2.0 would be perfect for me 🙂

  • light weight versatile equipment sure helps me go the long distance and gives me more freedom to facilitate my moves that need constant connection and discernment. I like that it is quietly protected from outside forces is a big up. Thank you. Flora

  • Spencer Rogers

    I’d love the Sub Urban Disguise! I live in Lubbock, TX

  • SO

    I want Sub-urban disguise from ThinkTank! Great addition to my current Urban Disguise 60 bag.

  • One Change Up please. To Slovenia 🙂

  • Richard

    Either one is good!

  • I live in Chorley Lancashire, and would love to win the Think Tank Change Up™ V2.0

  • dave jung

    Change Up™ V2.0

  • Eric Y

    Toronto, Canada – Sub Urban Disguise!

  • Jessica Thomas

    From East Islip, NY and I’d love a new Sub Urban Disguise 10!

  • SUb Urban! Bend, Oregon

  • So in need of a new camera bad, i’ve been using an old purse and my old school backpack, which is so not easy. Whoever wins one is super lucky! 🙂

  • Chona Tuvilla

    I don’t think ANY of THINKTANK’s products have been to Bakersfield, CA, YET!
    Make it a dream come true for any of the bags to make it here…

  • Natalie Syverson

    The change up V 2.0 looks great! I hope I win! Either one is better than no bag currently! Thanks for a chance!

  • Jennifer

    I would like to win the Change-Up V2.0 Camera Bag in Mississippi.

  • James Fairhurst

    I thought it would be the Sub Urban but I’d love the Change Up V2.0. It would get a lot of use here along the Gulf Coast of Florida and any where else my travels take me.

  • Kinsley

    I am from San Francisco. The changeup v2.0 would be nice.

  • The Change Up V2.0 seems perfect for my concert photography needs!

  • L Marcrum

    Love all your bags. I have many and I use them all. Would love either one.
    Birmingham, AL

  • Denver, CO – Would love one of these!

  • Colin Moore

    Change up would be awesome here in North Bennington VT

  • The Sub Urban-Disguise line is awesome!! Think Tank Rocks the pro level experience every time. Any size would suit me for several different situations.

  • Change-up would be a great fit for my needs – Jim – Napoleon, OH

  • Forgot to mention I’m in Florida!

  • Wow. A Change-Up 2.0 would be great for the events I shoot with large crowds, but at the same time I have a major upcoming trip overseas in which the Sub Urban 20 or 30 would be amazing to use for that.

  • David

    I’m in Vancleve, KY.
    Would love a Sub Urban Disguise 30! But would be happy with any! 🙂

  • I’d love to win a Change Up bag!

  • Love Think Tank bags and would definitely like the SubUrban Disguise for my new X-E1 in Clearwater, FL.

  • Huey

    I’ve been looking for a bag for my first mirrorless NEX-5R and the Sub Urban Disguise 5 would be perfect! Sacramento, CA here.

  • Would love to win the change -up V2.0. I’m here in Connecticut but it would be used all the time at my games on location and travel making carrying my gear more safely and in my hands.. thanks Think Tank for designing great bags

  • Carey Wallace

    I’m in Matthews, NC; the SubUrban 2.0 looks great and would be my choice

  • Tom

    The suburban for my 5 month trip around Europe this year would be very handy 🙂 UK

  • Myka

    I’m liking the Sub Urban Disguise… 🙂
    -Cedar Rapids, IA

  • From Baltimore, MD I would really appreciate a change up 2.0

  • Amanda McCarey

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sub Urban! I just got my first ever Canon Rebel t2i for christmas from my hubby and daughters I would LOVE to have a great camera bag for it!! <3

    • Amanda McCarey

      shoot it told me the first one didn’t post LOL so I posted another I forgot to say I am from Ontario Canada 🙂

  • Amanda McCarey

    I would LOVE the Sub Urban! I just got my first ever Canon Rebel t2i for christmas from my hubby and daughters I would LOVE to have a great camera bag for it!! <3

  • Would love a suburban disguise to cart things in Springfield, soon to be Jeff City, MO.

  • Sub Urban Disguise camera bag range from thinkTank Photo, I am from Wayne,MI