Sub Urban Disguise | Change Up v2.0 New Camera bags from thinkTankPhoto

| January 9, 2013

We’ve launched a new range and an upgraded camera bag, and we’re giving one of each away! Read on, reader…

PMA @ CES seemed like a great time to unveil our new range of camera bags, the Sub Urban Disguise – clearly a play on our Urban Disguise range of camera bags. The “Sub Urban” are smaller, lighter and aimed toward photographers with standard sized dSLR / SLR cameras or smaller gear like 4/3rds, Mirrorless and the like…


Sub Urban Disguise camera bag range from thinkTank Photo


The other little change we’ve gone and made is an upgrade to our very popular Change-Up, now the Change-Up v2.0 The Change Up V2.0 is a chameleon of sorts as it can change from belt pack to shoulder bag to chest….[read more]


Change-Up V2.0 Camera Bag from thinkTank Photo



Now, I have one of each the Change-Up v2.0 and each size of the SubUrban Disguise camera bags to give to someone. Easy to win, share this with your social media circles and pop a comment in below which one you’d like to win and where you’re from.

If you tweet, please also hit the button below!

Fine Print : The give-away is open to anyone from any country we can ship to and where applicable by law (without having to charter a space ship) any random taxes, duties or fees are covered by you, postage is covered by us. If you’re under the age of 18, well done for being into photography early, and, make sure you have a parent’s permission to enter.


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  • ChangeUp to Germany!

  • Jonathan Almeida

    Send me the Change-Up V2.0 to Curitiba, ParanΓ‘, Brazil

  • Cris

    I’d love one of thise Sub Urban Disguise bags.

  • Been happily working out of an Urban Disguise 50 for three years now, but since adopting ipads in the workflow I really could use a smaller bag. And as I live in Denmark I doubt my local camera store will have the new Change Up v. 2.0 on the shelf before a planned reportage trip to Bolivia at the end of March. So please……

  • Ross MacGarvey

    Everyone loves to win free gear!

  • Sub Urban Diguise please! Brooklyn, New York!

  • Sub Urban Disguise would be GREAT for shoots where I dont need a ton of lenses!

  • Cliff

    Change-Up from Mountain View, CA, please!

  • Would love to win the Change-Up V2.0 Camera Bag from thinkTank Photo

  • Tisa

    Great giveaway! I’d love to win the Sub Urban Disguise 30 πŸ™‚ From Seattle, wa area

  • Another awesome bag for my collection please!
    Send me the Sub Urban Disguise

  • Erik

    Change-Up v2.0 – Phoenix, AZ

    Would be nice for events where I need to move around a lot.

  • Ran Ofek

    All your bags are AWESOME and the Sub Urban Disguise 30 is the one that best fits my Canon 7D and accessories πŸ™‚
    So, if I’ll be lucky enough to win one, please send it to Israel.
    Thank you.

  • Ana O

    Would love to win myself a decent camera bag!

  • I would LOVE a Sub Urban Disguise 30 so I can tote my ipad along with me on those long shooting days around Stockholm!

  • Neal

    They all look good to me. ON, Cananda

  • Blair

    Cape Cod, MA – Sub Urban

  • Julie Hartwig

    I’m not picky…would be interested to win anyone of them…Good luck everyone!

    • Julie Hartwig

      Oops, I’m from Ontario, Canada!

  • Matti Remonen

    I wouldn’t mind at all if you’d send me one Sub Urban Disguise 20 for my upcoming NYC trip at the beginning of next June.

    Thanks for the great products, though…

  • Think Tank Fan

    The Sub Urban Disguise 5 would be perfect for my Fuji X-Pro1 body , great bag for carrying around everywhere I go .

    Sub Urban Disguise 10 would be nice bag for my D800 Body and also great for travel .
    Think tank makes amazing products , high quality and well thought designs . great work guys!

  • janell

    I’d love the Sub Urban Disguise!

  • Sub Urban 30, if you please.
    Okinawa, Japan

  • Wayne Patterson

    I would really like the Sub Urban Disguise 30. That looks just right for me. Thanks!

  • Sub Urban Disguise looks astonishing! That is exactly matching with people who want to carry as much light as possible. Good job!
    I am in S.Korea.

  • Love the idea of the Change-Up V2.0 and the Sub Urban Disguise 30. Using a Sony a57 and usually carry 2 decent sized lenses with me here in South Ga, and the bag I use now bugles out with the equipment packed. Would be nice to have a proper bag, and thanks for the chance.

  • Joel Remke

    Thanks for the offer. I’m trying to shoot more film and need space for a camera and meter. I think the suburban 20 would fit great. Lawrence, Kansas

  • Teo

    Would love to get my hands on a Sub Urban Disguise 20. Based in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and New England

  • Sammy Yi

    Change Up V2.0 hook ups to a man in Bucheon, South Korea pretty please!!!!!

  • Brian G

    Sub Urban Disguise 30

  • Anthony Chavarria

    I’d love the suburban disguise 30 or 35 V2.0 so I can keep my camera and tablet together!
    I’m in Folsom, CA

  • Nuno Pires

    I’m a photography student from Porto, Portugal and I’d love to have this bag because I usually carry my camera and two lenses on a regular backpack and they get all roughed up!

  • Kaye Simonson

    I’d love to have the Urban Disguise 30 – big enough for my Nikon, a couple of lenses including my 70-300, my wallet, and a few other odds and ends. I’ve been looking for a messenger-style bag as an alternative to my two-compartment backpack.

    • Kaye Simonson

      And I’m in CO!

  • Please pick me, I don’t have a bag for my camera πŸ™

  • Susan Brown

    Would love the SubUrban Disguise in Loomis, CA

  • Phu Hoang Gia

    Id like the SubUrban Disguise 20 to Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Karen

    i’d love to win the sub urban disguise 30! from honolulu, hawaii

  • Roy V. aragon

    I wish for the SubUrban Disguise 30 for my DSLR and lenses. I’m from Cagayan province in the Philippines. Thanks!

  • Carlen

    the sub urban disguise would be perfect for my superzoom cam~
    brooklyn, NY

  • Chrissie Barrow

    I’d love a Change-Up v2.0 and I’m from Yorkshire in the UK.

  • Ryan

    I would love one of the Sub Urban Disguise 10/30 bags!

  • Fred

    A Change Up V2.0 for me in Arlington, VA. It would go great with my Airport Extreme.

  • Luis Costa

    All your bags are just great, but the Sub Urban Disguise 30 is the one that best fits my needs and gear. So, if I am lucky enough to win one, please send it to Portugal.

  • SubUrban disguise 30 would be a perfect birthday present for me here in Gig Harbor Wa. Jan 11 is my birthday and my new Canon Rebel T3 and accessories would fit very nicely. Thank you

  • dennis woytek

    I can see how comfortable my Nikon D800 would be. Personally I love ThinkTank products. I own the Airport International V2

  • Wesley Walker

    I think the SubUrban Disguise 20 would be a great fit for my OM-D kit. Nicely timed competition – I need a new bag to go with my shiny new camera!

  • I think the SubUrban Disguise 20 would be a great fit for my OM-D kit.

    Nicely timed competition – I am in the market for a new bag to go with my shiny new camera.

  • Karissa

    I just got a new Nikon D3100 and a bag to go with it would be awesome. I would like either one! I’m in Marion, Iowa. Thanks for the chance at this!!

  • Lisa D.

    I’d love the Sub Urban Disguise 10. From San Francisco, CA

  • Nick Frank

    Sub Urban for Knoxville, TN

  • I think any one of the Sub Urban bags would suit me nicely here in Gilbert, AZ.