What goes in an Artificial Intelligence 13?

| February 19, 2013

Steven aka “Flying with Fish” asks “Can you show me what will go into an Ai 13” laptop bag? (Well, those weren’t his exact words, but you get it…)

My answer is, certainly! — I’m no product photographer, and you know I like to introduce a piece of fruit in most of my product shots, so Steven, here you go.

Ai 13 with the Macbook Air

With a 13″ Macbook Air on board..

Ai 13 with an iPad

With the old iPad v1 on board…

Ai 13 with a Sony Tablet

Sony S Tablet on board…

thinkTankPhoto Artificial Intelligence 13"

Closed with the Macbook Air 13, Power supply and a Banana… (People have to eat, you know!)

Ai 13 with a Macbook Air 13" Power cable and a banana

How I packed for the ‘closed’ shot above this one.

Ai 13 with an iPad inside

The iPad sitting quietly inside the Ai 13…

With the Macbook Air 13" inside

And the Macbook Air sitting Quietly inside.

If this doesn’t help, you’re certainly welcome to request special shots below in the comments! But I hope this does help.

Oh, and this is my awesome ‘Kitchen Studio’




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  • Thank You! This is exactly what I needed. I was familiar with the larger AI but couldn’t visualize the 13″ for space.

    This shall go well with the pile of other Think Tank bags I have :0)