Wired review the Rotation 180 Pro | MindShift Gear

| February 19, 2013

The folks over at Wired have managed to get their hands on one of MindShift’s Rotation 180 Pro camera backpacks! Here’s what they had to say about it…

This is easily the most innovative camera bag design I’ve seen in a long time. The rotation180º has a built-in fanny pack that stays securely attached to the bottom of the main bag while you’re walking around, but then rotates to sit in front of you when you’re ready to shoot…….[cont. on Wired.com]

Daniel Beltra Rotation 180 Prol

Daniel Beltrá, conservation photographer and co-founder of MindShift Gear, using the Rotation180º Professional photo backpack in the rain on the Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park, Washington.



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