The fun never stops : Citywalker Giveaway

| April 6, 2013


  1. SARAH RACE – Sarah was drawn first and so takes our BLUE CITYWALKER 30
  2. IGOR – Igor was drawn second and has asked for the BLUE CITYWALKER 20 – All yours, Igor!
  3. JUDY FIDKOWSKI – Judy was drawn third and also wanted a 30, alas, she’s taking home a BLUE CITYWALKER 10!


WINNERS – You should have an email from VERY soon.

Thank you to ALL of you that entered…. do not worry, all hope is not lost…. 9AM Santa Rosa time (Tomorrow) You’d best be back to check our blog, or Facebook or Twitter or… well, you follow, I’m sure.

Thanks everyone!




Well! Wasn’t that fun! The 4-Sight giveaway that we ran on Facebook was great, but we had a little feedback that it was tricky for some people to enter and etc etc… Well, we’re not in the business of making things tricky! (Except the new Rotation 180 from Mindshift.. oh my goodness, have you seen that thing – its epic! )

Anyways, let me get STRAIGHT to the point…. I have THREE shoulder bags here…. By Tuesday April 9th at 9pm I want to have given them to three of you.

I have one CityWalker 10

I have one Citwalker 20

I have one Citywalker 30

To win you need to LIKE our Facebook page (If you’re a Facebooker) You need to be following us on TWITTER (If you’re a Twitterer) and you need to leave a comment below saying which one you’d like.

(Extra LOVE goes to those who share our Facebook post or ReTweet our Tweet about this competition)

Citywalker_10_Giveaway 20 30

Winners randomly selected, we will post your names on Facebook / Twitter, Competition is global where allowed by law, no purchase required for entry. Awesome.


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  • I don’t have any ThinkTankPhoto bag yet! I really love all of them but the Citywalker 30 is THEEE BEST!

  • Danielle Sprockett

    I would love City Walker 30:)

  • Mike Cooke

    City walker 20

  • Ken

    A 30 would be great…

  • I would LOVE the City Walker 20… Or any for that matter, my bag is a hot mess and i’m well overdue for an upgrade!

  • I would love to win the city walker 20.

  • Charmion Busby

    I would love to win any of the 3 this is so nice of you all. Thanks

  • Yoni Mayeri

    The 30 is my preference, but they all look great!

  • City 30 please. Love you guys!

  • I would love to get the Citywalker 10. I have the Retrospective 30, need a smaller one for quick location shoots.

  • The City Walker 30 looks like it would take most of my kit 🙂

  • I wish for the Citywalker 30 🙂

  • Eugene Cheah

    The City Walker 20 is like a dream to me, Spaces and design all in one. Moving around with my camera without a fuss, that the kind of bag i Love. But any of them comes fine to me

  • merlyn9

    I’d Love the 20…
    If I’m out walking about, Won’t need the Laptop!

  • I’d like the 10–I have a big bag already (retro 30), something smaller for travelling-light occasions would be nice.

  • Collin Pierson

    Simon! Would love a CW 30 🙂

    Good times buddy!

  • Would live the city walker 10 .. Not picky would love any of them … But on trips or shoots that require only one camera and 2 lenses it is nice to have a choice of a functional smaller bag so you don’t have o carry your big bag.

  • David Lucas

    I’d love to get my hands on a CityWalker 10. That would be just what I need to stroll around the city.


  • shared on FB

  • I like the City Walker 30! Excellent bag!

  • I would absolutely love any of these bags, the 30 would be just perfect.
    I find it hard to carry such a small bag around cities when people are all trying to move so fast and if i went into shops i was in the road due to my camera bag. Having a bag that carry’s everything and also is not bulky.
    I really hope im successful with my entry 🙂
    have shared, commented told others to enter 😀

  • Juan Villa

    I’d like the CityWalker 30, so I don’t have to leave my laptop behind all the time. If you want me to leave my laptop behind, I’ll take any of them. Thank you.

  • I would take any of them but the 30 looks like the best fit for me.

  • Francis

    City Walker 30, please, and thank you!

  • Jonathan

    I’d be grateful for any one of them! Thanks!

  • Ed Tritton

    I’d have to go with the CityWalker 30!

  • ronald Byram

    I love the 30!

  • Michael Bruchas

    City Walker 10 for me – dream smaller, travel lighter, make pix!

  • I’d love to have the citywalker 30

  • Pat Bianculli

    Very nice looking bag. Anyuthing that makes carrying around equipment a little easier is ok by me!!

  • Jenny

    City walker 30 would be nice, but I’m not picky. I’d love to have any of them!

  • I’ve been a follower/owner of ThinkTank bags for a while now, and I would love that CityWalker 10

  • Shared

  • Dipti

    I’d like the citywalker 30!

  • I would love the CityWalker 30 so I can bring my laptop along on shoots!

  • I would absolutely love any of these bags. Maybe the 20. I’ll also retweet the contest, and share it on facebook! I’m so excited I hope I win! Think tank rules!

  • Teddy

    I’d so like to do a city tour with the Citywalker 20.

  • Mark Doescher

    Would love a Citywalker 30!

  • Garth Jesperson

    City Walker 20 would be awesome, would be a nice companion to my beloved Airpot Security BP!

  • Brett Vo

    I would love to use the City Walker 30! Awesome.

  • Gabriel Serna

    I’d love to win a City Walker 30

    Good Luck all.

  • David Bustle

    Would love the city walked 20!

  • Citywalker 20, please!

  • Ash

    City Walker 30 would be ideal, but I’m not fussy, I’d love to win any of them!

  • Dat City Walker 20 doe

  • Kris

    Citywalker 30, please

  • I’d love the City Walker 30.

  • William Johnson

    I want the Citywalker 30. Your bags are the best!

  • Kylie

    City Walker 10 for me! Just got a new handycam and it would be great for it!

  • I would like a City Walker 10. One camera and a few lenses plus netbook space would be perfect for me.