The fun never stops : Citywalker Giveaway

| April 6, 2013


  1. SARAH RACE – Sarah was drawn first and so takes our BLUE CITYWALKER 30
  2. IGOR – Igor was drawn second and has asked for the BLUE CITYWALKER 20 – All yours, Igor!
  3. JUDY FIDKOWSKI – Judy was drawn third and also wanted a 30, alas, she’s taking home a BLUE CITYWALKER 10!


WINNERS – You should have an email from VERY soon.

Thank you to ALL of you that entered…. do not worry, all hope is not lost…. 9AM Santa Rosa time (Tomorrow) You’d best be back to check our blog, or Facebook or Twitter or… well, you follow, I’m sure.

Thanks everyone!




Well! Wasn’t that fun! The 4-Sight giveaway that we ran on Facebook was great, but we had a little feedback that it was tricky for some people to enter and etc etc… Well, we’re not in the business of making things tricky! (Except the new Rotation 180 from Mindshift.. oh my goodness, have you seen that thing – its epic! )

Anyways, let me get STRAIGHT to the point…. I have THREE shoulder bags here…. By Tuesday April 9th at 9pm I want to have given them to three of you.

I have one CityWalker 10

I have one Citwalker 20

I have one Citywalker 30

To win you need to LIKE our Facebook page (If you’re a Facebooker) You need to be following us on TWITTER (If you’re a Twitterer) and you need to leave a comment below saying which one you’d like.

(Extra LOVE goes to those who share our Facebook post or ReTweet our Tweet about this competition)

Citywalker_10_Giveaway 20 30

Winners randomly selected, we will post your names on Facebook / Twitter, Competition is global where allowed by law, no purchase required for entry. Awesome.


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  • Citywalker 30 because size DOES matter…well…depth matters…and length.

  • Jason Price

    Citywalker 10 would be just fine.

  • CityWalker 20

  • Alex c

    City walker 20. That looks the right size to me

  • Nick Kalosky

    I would love a Citywalker 20. It would be the perfect size for my gear!

  • Ohhhhhhhh my goodness, I’d love a Citywalker 20!!! It’s perfect for my size and my gear I commonly have on me! And much safer than the messenger bag I’ve been using to haul them in! I love your bags! <3

  • Gregory

    I would love the city walker 20 🙂

  • city walker 30 please!

  • J.Ed Baker

    I’ll take the 20, Please & Thank you

  • I would love the citywalker 20, seem just the right size! I really see mylself carrying it everywhere!

  • Would love to have the City Walker 20!

  • Steve Barnett

    A City Walker 30 would be just the right bag to bring my camera kit along on work trips!

  • Sean Michael Mahan

    The CityWalker 20 would be perfect!
    Here’s hoping 🙂

  • Brian Batronis

    I’d like the Citywalker 20.

  • City walker 30 FTW

  • Felecia Davidson

    City walker 30 ohhh gah!!

  • I love the City Walker 20! Not too small. Not too big!

  • Greg Morgan

    Would love the Citywalker 30 to replace my current bag which is now being held together with duct tape and safety pins.

  • Robert Cornish

    Great giveaway! I would love to have the 20. Thanks

  • Lisa Cole

    I would love the Citywalker 10 or 20 but really, I’m in love with ThinkTank products so I would be one happy girl to win any of them 🙂

  • dana gonzales

    I would love the city walker 30!

  • I would LOVE the CityWalker 20 because I think it would fit my 70-200 along with a few other items!

  • Jeremy Ault

    City walker 10 should be perfect for me 🙂

  • I would love the city walked 20. The 30 might actually be more my style, but carrying too much stuff always annoys me later.

  • Deborah

    I’d love to get started with a City Walker 10! 🙂

  • Holli Braasch

    I would love the 30!

  • I’d love a city walker 20 or 30 please 🙂

  • Stephen Bajkiewicz

    I’d like the City Walker 30!

  • I would LOVE the City Walker 30, but I’m not picky! I wouldn’t complain if I had any of them! 🙂

  • Han

    I’d love a 20.

  • James Gatrell

    City walker 30 would be top.

  • Scott

    City walker 30 would work for my concert shoots well!

  • I’d like the City Walker 30 please

  • Kim Mi

    I would love a CityWalker 20. 🙂

  • Walt Wellborn

    I’d like the CityWalker 30.

  • Mary

    Citywalker 20 as it’s right in the middle 🙂

  • Luke Wein

    City Walker 30 please!

  • Simon V

    CityWalker 20, just the right size.

  • Tough choice – they are all awesome, but I would split the difference and go with City Walker 20.

  • Marko Sommer

    I have one Citywalker 30 please.

  • I would love the 30, but would gladly accept either one. Love your stuff!

  • I would love the CityWalker 30…perfect size as a companion to other think tank products!

  • Jami T.

    I would love the City Walker 20! not to big not to small

  • Joe Marek

    Would definitely any one of those fine bags!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • ken

    I would love a City Walker 10 please.

  • Nick Munroe

    City walker 20 or 30 please I have a ton of gear to lug from shoot to shoot.

  • Kristina Slattery

    I would love the Citywalker 30! But I’d take the 10 or 20 too! Love ThinkTank products!

  • I would *love* the CityWalker 30- I’ve needed a bag like this for a while, and I have to haul my big ol’ laptop with me when I shoot (as I tend to shoot tethered). This would be fantastic!!

  • Stephanie Angel

    The 20, please! 🙂

  • I would LOVE the City Walker 30!