City Walking – Photo contest

| June 11, 2013

Hello friends!

We’ve been running these crazy giveaways, we thought it may be time to have a little photo competition for you. We’re calling this one “City Walking” as inspired by our relatively new line of City Walker bags. [have a look at them over here



Between now and 8pm, 17th June – Santa Rosa time, upload a photograph that says “City Walking” or, if you’re in the country, give us your creative interpretation of “City Walking” – That could be general business, noise, smog, traffic etc… the list goes on! We’ll choose THREE WINNERS each week and they will get to choose which City Walker bag they would like.

To Enter : Post your photograph in the comments below this post or post a link to your photograph to enter. (Remember, if your image is on Facebook, it needs to be public for us to see!) Make sure you leave an email address that works so we can email you if you win!

Here’s an example of “City Walking” by me! 


Melbourne City Walking at night – Simon Pollock

Seven days, your time starts NOW! 

Here are the RULES! – PLEASE READ!

  1. You maintain all rights / copyright to your photograph, we would like to post it on our social websites / blog ONLY in relation to this promotion along with your name if you are one of the three weekly winners.
  2. The competition is open to anyone in any country as allowed by their local applicable laws.
  3. We will ship your bag to you anywhere (as long as you don’t live on a space station!) though, if you’re charge customs or duty, I’m sorry to say that you will need to pay that – we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t.
  4. Judges decisions are final, judges are thinkTankPhoto staff and agents.
  5. Three images per person per week.
  6. Get creative, we love your creativity!

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