City Walking – Week Two!

| June 21, 2013

We had a great, fun first week with our photo competition “City Walking” – Winners here

We’re going to change the rules a little bit this time – it is going to make it a little bit more tricky for you, but we want you to be thinking about your photography and getting something out of the experience, too.

This week we want you to TAKE the photograph for this photo competition – you need to be able to show EXIF (unless you shoot film, in which case I’ll have to trust you and I’m a trusting kind of guy)

THEME : CITY WALKING – You can interpret “City Walking” any way you would like, and, if you live in the country – show us the opposite of city, show us small town walking.. country road walking… most of all – get creative.

You can use whatever camera you have, a mobile phone camera or a PhaseOne, we don’t mind…

You have until MIDNIGHT, 27th June (Midnight Santa Rosa time) to post your entry in the comments below. 

Here’s MY entry – I was out shooting today with the new Sigma 120-300mm and this “city” type guy was “walking” through the garden to take a photo of the bridge…



  • Copyright always remains yours. We only ask that we may use your photo here on the blog or in our social media and only in relation to THIS competition.
  • Your email won’t be given to anyone and is only used to contact you if you should win.
  • Everyone is OK to enter, as long as your country allows photography competitions.
  • If you get charged duty / taxes, I’m sorry but they’re your responsibility. (We’ll do our best to minimise that)



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  • Diane Kilgore Arnold Poff

    This is country roads to me, The group of Amish boys dressed in their finest heading home from church. This is what I see on my country roads!
    Shot with Canon Rebel XSI
    ISO 400
    focal length 263 mm

  • Samantha Hare

    These children were *walking* on their way to the *city*.

  • Samantha Hare

    I decided to stop *walking* in the *city* for a while, and get some chinese food.

  • Samantha Hare

    I was out *walking* in the *city* when I found this mime 🙂

  • Jeffrey Guyer

    Out for a walk…and apparently lots to say about it.

  • John Esslinger

    Sunny day hanging out with the dogs in back streets of Spain.

    Canon 5D mk II
    1/8000 sec


    200 mm

  • Shooter

    Bubble Day in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

    Shot on Lumix GH2 with Olympuse 45mm 1.8 lens.

  • Nat Rogers

    Hi Everyone and Thinktank, my fav bag people!! 🙂

    I have dragged my photography bag all around the world….

    When I think “City Walking” I think “souvenir foot photos”.

    So I’ve made a competition for the competition!!?? Haha !!

    You can try to guess the countries these images have been taken in, in the correct order. The options are Australia , Hong Kong , Thailand , Wales , Great Britain and Indonesia.

    Have fun!!

  • Sean Ryan

    “walking” through the rain-filled gutter is too slow for this “city” kid after an evening rain storm in Everett Tuesday night.

  • Doug Weisman

    I took this shot at the end of a long day “city walking” in Istanbul, Turkey. I ended up shooting this image taken in the neighborhood just around the corner from my hotel. Shot specs: Nikon D300, 24-70mm f2.8 lens, ISO 800, 1/80 @ f5.
    ©Douglas Weisman

  • Wil and Sharon

    City Walking Laguna Beach Style:) NikonD200 f/5.6 1/6000sec iso-400 195mm

  • David Gruskin

    City Walking in my local park in St Petersburg, Florida, I think I have it under 2MG or whatever now

  • Guest

    Where’d the entry go???

  • David Gruskin

    City Walking at my local park in St Petersburg, Florida

  • David Gruskin

    City Walking in my local park in St Petersburg, Florida if the image posts

  • Tim Perdue

    Union Station – Washington D.C.

  • Rhodora Reventar

    City Walking. View through “Borealis” in RenCen. Needed to get Japanese visa in this building and found out about the free tour. I’ve always flown through Detroit but it was my first time to be downtown and outside of the airport.

  • Guest

    A walk through the park. Made in Eagle Creek park in Indianapolis.


    [url=]Photographers on the march[/url] by [url=]indykaleu[/url], on Flickr

  • Michael Chee

    City Walking in The Stadium. Imagine how long it will take to walk across..
    sony a99, 1/60 sec, f2.8 , iso1000 , 24mm

  • Guest

    A walk through the park.

  • Feroz Khan

    The lonely walk through the park.

    London, UK

    f5.6, 1/100. Shot on a Nikon D300

  • Eric Panjaya

    Walking through the bamboo forest to get to Sagano in Japan. Where a high tech city meets low tech mode of transport.

    Shot on Nikon N80 with 50mm f1.8 D lens, ISO 400 on Ilford XP2 Black & White film.

  • Haoyuan Ren

    shanghai, china. late night train station.

  • Nikki Peterson

    City walking during the Seattle Solstice Parade.

  • Jonathan Yeap

    “Oh No! I’m lost!”

    Canon EOS 5D
    Shutter Speed 1/6000
    Aperture f/8
    ISO 400
    Focal Length 16mm

  • Jonathan Yeap

    “Oh no! I’m lost!”

  • Peh Siong San
  • Peh Siong San
    • Jun White

      Very happy to see a photo of Dali posted here. My hometown Kunming is about 200 miles away from Dali. Love this small town!

      If I may, I would like to translate the Chinese characters on the wall to English.

      “Love every blade of grass, every tree. Conserve every drop of water. Protect every inch of land.”

      • Peh Siong San

        Thanks June for translation. This one of the old town at the west coast of Er Hai! Super like it…

        • Jun White

          Yes, the west side of Er Hai is very pretty. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Peh Siong San
  • Sydney City Walkers
    Camera: Panasonic FZ7
    f-Stop: f/5.6
    Shutter Speed: 1/160
    ISO: 80

  • Guest

    “City Walking” Oslo

  • Lars-Henrik Milert

    Budapest – Shot on EOS 5mkIII, edited in snapseed on Ipad

  • tmarsh7288

    dog in the city

  • tmarsh7288

    city meets country

  • tmarsh7288

    city work

  • Guest

    Construction in the city

  • Guest

    Construction in the City

  • Carlos Sarmento

    “ponte 25 abril”

    “baixa de lisboa” taken with diana f+ 120 mm film

    “gare do oriente”

  • Carl

    Love this Image of Nuns walking to church through a ghetto area.
    Palermo, Sicily
    D800 Nikon 24-85mm f/4 lens
    640 ISO f/8 1/500 sec

  • Carl

    Molfetta, Italy along the street woman finished peeling Fava Beans
    D7100 Nikon 70-200mm f/4
    ISO 400 f/8 1/1000 sec

  • Doug McGlothlin

    “Zydeco, Bourbon Street” shot 16 June 2013
    Canon 5DMk3, 50mm f/1.4 lens
    ISO 2500, f/1.8, 1/160 sec

  • Elliott

    I was in a small town called Dawlish in the UK and saw this couple that looked like they had some kind of disagreement as they are facing away from each other and looking very displeased with each other. But the fact that they are still linking arms seems to indict that they still care and love one another.

  • Mary Miller

    There is definately no city walking for us! I live in the Smoky Mountains about 3800′ on top of a mountain. The chance of seeing a long-legged spider or other insect is about what we get during the day! This spider was walking on one of my flowers.

  • waterengineer

    “First Walk to the Ocean” A baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle walks to the Atlantic Ocean at the Riviera Beach, Florida Beach. I guess you could say the hatchling is walking out of Riviera Beach! LOL! Anyway, if this turtle is lucky enough to survive a few years it will be six feet long and several hundred pounds before returning to the beach to lay eggs. You said you wanted EXIF info: Shot 06-21-13, Aperture priority, EV = -0.3, 1/160 second, ISO 800. Let’s just say it was dark, early in the morning when the photo was taken. More can be seen at the following page of my website.

  • Eugene Andriamasy

    City walking in Kariba

  • Eugene Andriamasy

    City walking in Antananarivo Madagascar

  • Eugene Andriamasy

    City Walking in Ambohimiadana Madagascar

  • PohYin Chu

    A shot taken by my city walking on the first day in Phom Penh with a heavy heart. Taken by Nikon D7000 and 18-105 mm.

  • Ricardo Pinto

    City Walking… on the clouds! After one long walk to the top of the bridge… very early in the morning… guess where? 😉

    • Carlos Sarmento

      ponte 25 de Abril Lisboa-Almada!!! como? como?

  • Tommy DiGiovanni

    One of me wearing my Digital holster 20/Change up ( my wife shot this ) walking in the wooded area just outside the city of Chicago. Shot with a 5D2 and 100L 1/100 F2.8.