It’s a Hard Case!

| August 15, 2013

You may have read our recent article on travelling with camera gear recently? Well, there’s another option if you’re on planes a lot, and today we’re going to help one of you out and give away a great little package of gear!

Our Italian distributors also happen to be the manufacturer of HPRC – advanced hard cases. So, what we’re doing is this… We’re going to take a HPRC rolling case and put “stuff” in it… (thinkTank stuff) and one of you can win it and everything in it. It is ALMOST that simple. 

Please make sure you LIKE us on Facebook and TWEET about our little giveaway! (Share buttons above this post) You might also like to download the PDF “Pack, Travel, Shoot”  for free.


Q. What is the total prize value? – answer in the comments below please! Good luck!


Terms and Conditions

1. One entry per person per day.
2. Please use a legitimate email address so we can contact you if you win.
3. Promotion open to anyone, globally, where applicable by your local law.
4. Prize not exchangeable for cash or gold.
5. Winner drawn and announced here on 29/08/2013
6. You don’t NEED to like us on Facebook or Tweet etc, but we’d appreciate it!


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  • jimgoldstein

    $1010 just because the double number looks so nice.

  • Lori Gerads


  • RayFrisby


  • Jeremy Rudrud

    I will go with, $856.79. That is all…look forward to hearing the true amount.

  • Joseph C. Halliday

    I’m guessing a little over $800… Let’s say $835

  • Paulo Gomes

    1234$, just because its a cool number 😉

  • breiff


  • Mike DeMaria

    $694 🙂

  • Neil Jones

    Thinking around $972?

  • Mattia Menestrina

    926.5$ menemat AT

  • amandarachael

    FREEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! O maybe in the $800 range?

  • tweetyscute


  • Jacksin


  • Daniel McGlaughlin

    d_mcglaughlin (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Steven Marley

    $896.52 thank you!

  • Marcel Bauer

    I am guessing $4,725.82, fingers crossed

  • Hawaii Tommie

    $ 666,66 … aloha!

  • Karla

    $1995 Yellow is my color.

  • Brian


  • Alpa


  • Brett Flashnick

    $465.15 I don’t post my email address in public but I can be reached at

  • clarence1

    $1200 nuts. Love Think Tank.

  • UglyMummy


  • Els


  • Ruben K.
  • Ricardo Pinto
  • Pat Mahoney

    669.00 is my guess! Patrick

  • Mike Scott


  • Jason Falleti
  • Ceci

    Always anxious to add to my Think Tank collection. Let’s say $925 – the day I’m leaving for Brazil and could USE this prize set for sure!

  • Ishka

    it is worth a dream for sure 🙂

  • Joao Guerreiro


  • Martyn Thompson


  • Rhys WipeOut
  • Ben

    I say $777 –

  • Mario Roberto Aguja

    Great product!!

  • Jose Castillo

    $512.50 (USD),

  • Don
  • Guest
  • Luca Trombino

    1384 USD

  • CNehm
  • wanna new dslr


  • swordie


  • Eric Reardon

    $846.92 for my second guess.

  • mikf


  • gNeil

    $4200.01 USD

  • Mike De Simone

    I’ll say $475.00 USA Yellow My favorite color!

  • To the winner? $0, cuz that’s what they’ll be paying.

  • Loren