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| August 30, 2013

Hello! Here’s a helpful tip for all of you new TurnStylers!

We received a question in via our TurnStyle video about the Y-Buckle coming undone either intentionally or by accident and the bag heading ungracefully towards the ground as a result. There is a really simple way to avoid this happening and I thought I’d pop up a quick series of photographs to show you how to avoid your expensive gear hitting the deck!

Jeff’s Question – “What protects you if you wear as a belt pack and someone comes behind you and unclasps the belt?”

First, put the bag on, around your waist, do it up but not tight, take the extra webbing on the male side of the Y-buckle and loop it back through the female side of the Y-buckle and then pull it all tight.


Make sure it doubles back under the closed Y-buckle after you’ve tightened the belt to where you want it to be…


Loop the excess up using the included hook and loop closure and get it as tight and as close to the Y-Buckle as you can…


If the Y-buckle should come undone, the strap that you’ve run through it will hold it pretty securely in place while you close the clasp and “give a helpful word of advice” to the person that undid it for you… 🙂



This isn’t fool proof and the Y-buckle hasn’t come undone on me in my everyday use, but in tests with a 1kg bag of coffee beans in the TurnStyle 20 and then old camera gear, then my 5DMK3 and two L series lenses, it held fast. I hope this helps!

NOTE : It can be tricky to do while you’re wearing it, you can do step one while you’re not wearing it – it is easier.

Please post any questions you have on your TurnStyle or NY of your camera bags below in the comments.


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  • John Williamson

    Excellent advice… waiting for mine to arrive, but I’ve bookmarked this page. And thanks!

  • Jeff Shapiro

    NOW IT MAKES SENSE – I have other Think Tank Products and product design is second to NONE! Thanks for answering so promptly too!

    • thinkTankPhot

      Jeff, you’re very welcome! –Sime