WHERE would I be without YOU

| September 6, 2013



As some of you will know, we launched the new “MY 2ND BRAIN” line of Apple® specific laptop and tablet cases as well as the PowerHouse accessories. We’ve been thinking long and hard about what best goes with the new #M2B range that might make for a fun giveaway at launch. We’ve come up with an idea!

We’re going to give one of you a brand new Apple®  15″ MacBook Pro Retina in one of our My 2ND Brain laptop cases, along with the PowerHouse gear and a Tablet bag. We’re also giving away spot prizes of #M2B gear on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram to people who share and link back here / comment below.

It is because Apple® devices do things humans cannot that fans of Apple® laptops are emotionally and physically connected to their laptops, as though their laptops are their “second brains.” Themselves die-hard fans of Apple® computers, the award-winning design team at Think Tank Photo just released the ultra thin MY 2ND BRAIN™ bag collection. The four bags were created with pockets specifically sized for Apple ® computers and accessories and all the tools needed to support a digital lifestyle. And inside each bag is silkscreened a question for our modern lives: “where would I be without you?”

You can download and read the full press release for MY 2ND BRAIN via this link.


Competition is randomly drawn at 3PM on Tuesday 01 October, 2013 – Santa Rosa time.
Competition is open to anyone of legal age, where applicable by local laws.
Prize is not transferable for cash, gold or coffee beans.
Shipping is on us, we will do our best to minimise any charges (customs) you may have to pay, but they’re your responsibility.
You can enter once per day, but it won’t up your chances.
Have fun and share… We’ll choose a rad sharer to win M2B gear every other day.

Have Fun!

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  • Max Zbarskiy

    4+ years on my Airport Takeoff and still going strong.

  • Cyril Ng

    Very cool prizes! 🙂

  • Vincent de Vries

    You guys are like Apple….always coming up with stuff, no one else thought about or thought we needed 🙂
    Way to go, TT rocks

  • A bag made for Apple computer, Apple phone, Apple accessories. So, this bag is for me, since my name is Apple 😀

  • Kristina Whitney

    What great bags, and, as always with the contests, the coolest prizes!

  • Stephen Walcott

    I don’t know how I made it through life without my Think Tank bag…Thank You!

  • Ferry Knijn

    Nice action! Love think tank bags! Own two now and always use one of them! And nice actions would love to win since my 13″ is falling apart.

  • Antti Knutas

    Without Think Tank I certainly would not have gone to as many places!

  • LeoCastilloPH

    Love this! But where do you put the power adapter?

  • Jonathan Thompson

    More amazing bags from Think Tank, oh dear Lord, a chance to win a MacBook Pro, errrrrm, yes please. Keep up the brilliant products, we luurrrve them. Best investment I’ve ever made in photography.

  • Thomas Schwab

    Great to have also laptop cases by Thinktank now …

  • hlk

    NIce bag and a computer too.

  • Aric Becker 

    Apple & Think Tank go hand in hand!!!

    This is an awesome product.

  • Patti Fowler

    The combination would make my upcoming web development business a breeze. Think Tank is the best!

  • Mike Thiesen

    I’d love to win a new laptop and some thinktank gear!

  • Irina Semakova

    U can’t imagine how much I want it! Thanks Think tank Photo always care about us and know what do we need!

  • Matthew Everett

    My wife would love that MacBook Pro. I would, too, but I apparently missed the fine print in our vows granting her first crack at any new technology….At least I’d come away with a totally awesome bag.

  • Dave Brown

    oohhhhhh…. MacBook Pro and a Think Tank!!! Me Likey!

  • Jonathan Napoles Puma

    I love this! 🙂 Hope I win! 🙂

  • ianrobertknight

    This is an awesome contest from Think Tank!
    Can’t wait to win!

  • Bestest camera bags in da world..I always have room for one more…

  • tmarsh7288

    Enter Daily?

  • Oboe Joe

    Great oppertunity to win, thanks! 🙂

  • Tom_D

    This would be an awesome contest to win!

  • Joao Guerreiro


  • Steve Smith

    Wow, I could really use this!!!

  • Steve Smith

    Wow, I could really use this!!!

  • Wolf Herold

    thinking ThinkTank-Nikon: always – now thinking ThinkTank-Apple: very cool!!

  • Elisabeth P.

    Okay, you guys win the interwebs today and forever!

  • David F Barker

    Awesome prizes Liked and Shared on Facebook RTd @davebarker on Twitter

  • John Williamson

    If these are anywhere as good as my highly-trusted ThinkTank Artificial Intelligence 15 V.2.0 laptop bag which still holds my MacBook Pro, then they are real winners, As with the rest of the line of camera bags, they are virtually indestructible… and the zippers always work!

  • Markus A. Loisson

    WOW. What a givaway! Guess I could very well use a second brain …

  • Jostein Nilsen

    Sweet 🙂 Nice giveaway

  • Daan van Oort

    Still at a thinktank I guess

  • tweetyscute

    Awesome giveaway

  • Michael Wang

    A computer bag as well-made as a ThinkTank camera bag? Awesome!

    • John Williamson


    • waterengineer

      There already was one……or several of these…..for a long time….made by…..”Tumi.”

  • diegoe

    Some times I think of starting my own social network just to be able to claim all the tickets for ThinkTANK sharing contests. Is that too much?

  • Shawn Highfill

    That would be awesome. In the market for a new bag and laptop.

  • Breath held.

  • Samantha Hare

    Fingers crossed!! 🙂

  • Eric Reardon

    Awesome prizes as always.

  • JenniferHope

    I love my Apple devices. I love my ThinkTank cases. This is a marriage made in heaven. 😉

  • Ash Jester

    Shared on twitter and FB. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Stephanie Rufa

    Oh, I shared it. I’m sharing on all platforms!

  • Margaret Balch

    Amazing giveaways, as always!

  • Hazmy Zulkapri

    Wow… They’re at it again..!!
    Yet another awesome give away from Think Tank Photo.
    Hopefully this time around… Hopefully…

  • Matthew Yoshitaka Marshall

    Can I win this pleeaaassseee!!

  • tmarsh7288

    Think Tank + Apple = Bossssss!!!!

  • Howard

    Always great giveaways!

  • Bob

    I like my ThinkTank computer case. The new one looks amazing. Now if I can only win the free one with MacBook.