WHERE would I be without YOU

| September 6, 2013



As some of you will know, we launched the new “MY 2ND BRAIN” line of Apple® specific laptop and tablet cases as well as the PowerHouse accessories. We’ve been thinking long and hard about what best goes with the new #M2B range that might make for a fun giveaway at launch. We’ve come up with an idea!

We’re going to give one of you a brand new Apple®  15″ MacBook Pro Retina in one of our My 2ND Brain laptop cases, along with the PowerHouse gear and a Tablet bag. We’re also giving away spot prizes of #M2B gear on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram to people who share and link back here / comment below.

It is because Apple® devices do things humans cannot that fans of Apple® laptops are emotionally and physically connected to their laptops, as though their laptops are their “second brains.” Themselves die-hard fans of Apple® computers, the award-winning design team at Think Tank Photo just released the ultra thin MY 2ND BRAIN™ bag collection. The four bags were created with pockets specifically sized for Apple ® computers and accessories and all the tools needed to support a digital lifestyle. And inside each bag is silkscreened a question for our modern lives: “where would I be without you?”

You can download and read the full press release for MY 2ND BRAIN via this link.


Competition is randomly drawn at 3PM on Tuesday 01 October, 2013 – Santa Rosa time.
Competition is open to anyone of legal age, where applicable by local laws.
Prize is not transferable for cash, gold or coffee beans.
Shipping is on us, we will do our best to minimise any charges (customs) you may have to pay, but they’re your responsibility.
You can enter once per day, but it won’t up your chances.
Have fun and share… We’ll choose a rad sharer to win M2B gear every other day.

Have Fun!

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  • Roman Kudryavtsev

    Done stepps, thanks

  • Paulo Gomes

    A MacBook Pro was on my wish-list for quite a while… Maybe now’s the time 😉

  • Eric

    Done and done on FB and Twitter.

  • Nathan Dainty 

    shared on twitter 🙂

  • asoulm8

    Too cool not to share – even if it lowers my odds of winning! Thanks ThinkTank! Good luck to all. Shared on FB and Tweeted!

  • Airport International V2.0, Streetwalker Pro, Digital Holster 40… And now most likely some of these My 2nd Brain bags too (would be even better if I won though). I love Think Tank products!

  • Kathleen Clemons

    Tweeted and shared, love my Think Tank gear!

  • Pareshkumar Chaudhari
  • Tony Gutierrez

    A Think Tank bag would be great. The computer, and added bonus.

  • Corbin Smith

    My computer is starting to get old. I could use a new one with a sweet bag to carry it around in!

  • Aric Becker 

    I am so in need of a new computer, plus my old 17″ MacBook won’t fit in one of these new beauties!!!
    Shared on twitter & Facebook.

  • Patti Fowler

    I could really use this to finish my back-to-school at 52 for Web development courses. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Travelwanderings

    I feel like I need this more and more… Is my brain adequate without this? I’d better win it so I can findout.

  • Joel Chu

    My MBP is feeling naked without it :p

  • Robert Armstrong

    As always – innovative, practical and well made. Love me some ThinkTank!

  • Tressie Davis

    Me, me, me!!! Pretty please?

  • Adam Relayson

    Cool contest. As much as I hate to buy another bag, I could probably use one designed for my Macbook.

  • Stacy Niedzwiecki

    This would seriously be an inspirational boost to my business! Thanks for giving us a chance at winning.

  • Dana Coltrinari Burke

    Oh, it’s nice to dream…

  • Chris Pearson

    I could use a decent laptop bag, will have to check these out.

  • Chuan Xin Yap

    Think Tank and my 2nd brain? Gosh I though they were one!

  • Wouter du Toit

    A Think Tank Bag once saved all my photography gear. I slipped into a canal in Venice with the bag on my back and my wife had to pull me out by the bag-handle because the steps were too slippery to get out by myself. When I opened the bag, everything was still in the same condition, dry. It didn’t even have the waterproof cover on it. I was so grateful of the quality and thinking that goes into the design and production of Think Tank bags. The gear saved : 2 x 5D Mark 2 bodies, Canon 24-70mm, 50mm f1.4, 100mm lenses and all the CF cards and additional gear. When considering an upgrade, Think Tank is definitely on the top of my list, and that’s by a long-shot! Nothing else comes close in my books.

    I can’t even imagine “where I would be without” my Think Tank Camera Bag.

  • Nathan Cremisino

    I want that!

  • Jim Grant


  • Mike Swiech

    Now this is one snazzy bag. I want one

  • Dan Dolar


  • Nico Morgan

    As a complete TT fan-boy I can’t help but want something new. It would look so good next to my camera bags…

  • Eugene Cheah

    What a good one, Thank you Think Tank

  • diggy

    Amazing bag a quality a computer and a bag for the win is awesome!!

  • MarkKalan

    Exactly what I need. Shared

  • Joao Guerreiro

    My old one is tired, please i need the 2nd one. Shared FB,TWT,G+

  • Magda

    Shared! Thanks!

  • Tim Wood

    Yes! Can’t wait for these to hit the UK! BOOM!!!

  • Daniel O’Byrne

    Two Brains are better than one!

  • steve bryson

    Not only have I shared this on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Instagram, Myspace, Yahoo Groups, IRC and by standing on the street corner with a sandwich board I have also taken the extra steps of printing it out and stapling into the backs of two five year old twins so their schoolmates learn about it.

    • Joe Reitz

      Dang, Steve… I submit!

      • steve bryson

        Ok, that’s not entirely true…I made the kids stand wear the sandwich board 😉

    • Barbara

      That made me laugh. for real.

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov

    Shared! Thanks!

  • RayFrisby

    What a great prize ! thanks Think Tank,

  • Jackie Kao

    Think Tank always provide cool stuff to the industry.

  • amandarachael

    Shared ! I Love Apple , great idea

  • pickin4jesus

    Shared everywhere I have accounts…if these bags are as good as the Retro bags for cameras, ill buy two!

  • Bryan Nelson

    ThinkTank is awesome as usual!

  • Marlo Williamson

    Thanks for this contest giveaway! I love my ThinkTank gear.

  • Matthew Hofbauer

    Very nice, would love to win one…

  • ana georgievska
  • Carlos Rodrigues

    Just what my macbok pro 13″ is at need!!!!!

  • Barb Cochran

    Love it! Shared on Facebook, Google + and my Tumblr Blog 🙂

  • Drake2000

    Shared on Facebook, Twitter and g+

  • Randy Goertzen

    Awesome products. Have been a loyal customer for years, and recommend them to all my photography students because they simply last. Mixed with unique thoughtful features…. How can you go wrong!

  • Kevin Tyler Muncy

    Goes well with all my gear ; ) A perfect fit for each other : ) #wwibwy

  • Richard Rocco Vier

    Super rad giveaway!