A new Retrospective Laptop bag – Launch!

| November 19, 2013

We’ve just announced a new bag in our Retrospective line of bags, the Retrospective Laptop case 13″ and 15″

We have three different types of (pure) laptop bags – The Artificial Intelligence, the recently launched Apple specific My 2nd Brain and now, today, the Retrospective Laptop case – many of you asked for a laptop specific Retro – well, here you go. (pics below)

We were thinking, “what special thing can we do for launch?” And then it struck us – what goes in a laptop bag, a laptop of course! So here’s what we’re doing…

We’re running this little free draw below via the form, there are many laptop bags of your choice from across the THREE different types of pure laptops bags, there are a few “Apple kits” with a few little goodies as well as a laptop case of your choice AND then there’s grand prize of a 13″ Macbook Pro Retina – in any case you like from the three series of laptop bags.


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Details for the promotion can be found on the promotion tab. For questions – please post a comment below.


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  • DeanHare

    15″ Black looks good to me (today).

  • i dont have a laptop bag…..

  • Danny Bailey

    I like the 15″ Retrospective Pine. Great looking bag for sure.

  • saladgoddess

    I use a Targus messenger bag. I do love ThinkTank though!

  • Devon Greene

    Very nice-looking bag, especially the black/dark grey in 15″ size.

  • jennieofcourse

    Cool bags!

  • Bethany Kamman

    Have gone through so many laptop bags, but no Think Tank yet. Love Think Tank for my camera gear, gotta be the best for my laptops!

  • I have a big bulky cheap bag

  • Blanca

    I just use a regular shoulder sling bag. Haven’t been able to splurge on a ‘official bag’.

  • Terry Babij

    Cool gear!!

  • kenstead

    I’ve got a Muramo currently, these would be great…

  • Jim Petersen

    I like free stuff!! Will have to pass the laptop case off to a crew member as I don’t have a laptop….maybe I’ll win one!

  • Leonard Lim

    Finally! new bag to look forward to! Been waiting for a practical sling bag

  • Yuichi Takasaka

    These retro low profile bags are great addition to your bags!

  • Glenn Pearson

    I would like the Pinestone one as well. Mmmmm Pinestone….

  • Megan Shoemate

    I don’t have a laptop bag right now, but hoping to have one after this contest ends 😉

  • Paulie_oh

    The streetwalker harddrive is the only bag I own that carries a laptop. Mostly it goes in a backpack.

  • Tail Snaps

    The retro for laptops – so cool. Want…Need…Must have!

  • Nicholas Ng Chun Ming

    It would really be nice to be able to try a mac for once and carry it all around with the new retrospective bag…

  • Lars Henrik Koch

    Great that you are getting out a Retro for laptops! Have a Retro 20 and an Urban Disguise 35 V2. Both great bags. Would love to have a laptop-only bag Retro style!

  • Michaela Newman

    My laptop would love to ride in a Retrospective 13″ in Pinestone! 🙂

  • Athirah Taro Saharudin

    i want!

  • Andrew Cliffe

    Looks great!

  • Bryan Peng

    Love to add the prize to my ThinkTank collection. 🙂

  • Keith Kevin Stein

    Currently own a Targus laptop bag and to be honest…am not a fan. Would love a new My 2nd Brain in Green.

  • Leon

    I don’t use a laptop bag right now as I only have a desktop PC, but I would love the pinestone version for my future laptop purchase.

  • Chris Rivera

    I love the retro grey one!

  • visionaer

    i currently use a VAUDE Gustav, but the dark grey one is damn beautiful

  • Edgar

    I really like the pinestone colored laptop bag. I currently use a dickies or dockers laptop bag haha. I do also have a Urban Disguise 50 v2.0 but I do not always carry my laptop in there.

  • Samuel I Beard Jr

    Tough call between the grey and the tan, but I’d probably have to go with the grey. Thanks for the chance, ThinkTank Photo!

    • Samuel I Beard Jr

      Guess I need to add that I’d like the 15″ version, please, should it come to that!

  • Adam

    A Kensington Roller for the beefy laptop

  • I currently use a ThinkTank Urban Disguise 40 but a new bag would not go amiss.

  • Mike Lehman

    Gray works for me and my 2008 MBP 15!

  • Kotaro Ohashi

    I really love it, love blue one.

  • Lima

    I love how these prizes, if i won any of them would be amazing 🙂

  • Dan Simmons

    case logic 15″ that i put my 13″ mac in

  • Chris Rivera

    I would use a retro bag, but I don’t have a laptop. Hahaha!!!

  • Lara D. Wallace Rose

    Homemade one. Would love to win 🙂

  • Tommy Ye

    Currently use the Case Logic CPL-109 backpack. Holds DSLR and iPad yet still discreet enough.

  • Aaron Nystrom

    Right now I am using the original Speed Freak and I absolutely love it!

  • Sean Slattery

    My Oakley Vertical computer bag 3.0 was good but it is time for it to be retired.

  • Looks like the laptop bag I need. It matches my Retrospect camera bag. 🙂

  • Zach Egolf

    Currently using the Airport Takeoff. It’s a tad…big.

  • Manuel Paskual

    i use a very cheap bag while i look for a better one – maybe you should make a 17″ laptop bag too?

    • Manuel Paskual

      and i meant a 17″ retrospective bag btw ._.u

  • BryonCole

    I own a Brenthaven laptop case and I love it, however its very corporate looking. This bag would be great for my after work personal use. I own a few thinkTank camera bags and absolutely love them. This would much more fit my casual attire when going out in the evenings and or weekends. Nice colors.

  • surtin

    Love the bags. Would love one with something to put in it as well. 😉

  • crawler73

    I use Targus backpack for my laptop. But @thinktankphoto retro for laptops looks insanely beautiful. I must pair my Retro 30 camera bag with it.

  • Danny Bailey

    Top drawer company with great products.

  • Elaine C

    I have a Mountain Equipment Co-op laptop bag that’s nice and slim, but rather inadequate for storing anything more than the laptop and a cord.

  • I’ve been a fan of Incase since it started, but tempted by Evernote’s new deal: https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/backpack?sku=BAGS00102

    I’d love to get my hands on one of the above to see if it can conquer my many forms of technology.