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| November 8, 2013

Some of you may have watched out “About A Photograph” series of videos – We’re eleven short films in now and we’ve covered topics from sport, nature and fine art to photojournalism.

CHILE, COUP D'ETAT.  The Coup d'Etat which toppled Salvador Allende's government and brought Augusto Pinochet to power. Daniel Cespedes, who had gone at to visit a friend at Santiago University that morning, is arrested and brought to the National Stadium

Photograph © David Burnett

Looking back through some of these short films, I thought to myself “Could I do that? Could I get that shot?” Let’s take Nick Ut‘s video for example – there’s a town being bombed with napalm in the distance and screaming people, children running towards you – would you keep it together mentally and take that photograph? Are you patient enough to sit and wait for that right moment that Simon Bruty waits for to capture the photograph of German weightlifter, Matthias Steiner, as he drops a very very heavy weight on his head? – Have you listened to these photographers at the top of their game talk about what was going through their heads when they were making these images?

If you’re a professional and that’s your job, then I’m certain in 99% of cases that the answer would be yes… But you’re a first timer, could you do it? 

Take Joe McNally’s video of Nadia Gracheva of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet.. He had to navigate armed security that thought he was trying to photograph Russian secrets… What was a simple portrait became a situation that required a lot more than just good photography skills. What about our recent film on Ron Haviv’s photograph of the Bosnian war? The image Ron talk’s about is quite calm by comparison to some of the others that he took during the conflict – a family being shot in the street, people being killed and kicked – Would you be able to make the photograph?

We’re really thankful that all of these working professionals have taken the time to tell us “About A Photograph” so that we can put it up here for you. If you’ve not watched the series, you can see it on the “About A Photograph” page, here on our blog, or via our Vimeo channel.

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