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| December 30, 2013

A great image in from Australian photographer @ThurstonPhoto as judged by Jimmy Chin. You can check out the details for the competition here.

Please take a moment to check out Philip’s stunning work on his website –


“What Jimmy said”

This image has power. It’s dynamic. There are a lot of wave images out there, but this is a particularly beautiful one caught at the perfect moment, with great light, great lines and great composition. I also chose it because I imagine it was a difficult shot to get. Besides having to understand waves, needing a water housing and the fact that the lip of the wave is about to come down on the photographer, there was a lot that went into the making of the picture. I enjoy seeing images where I know there was a lot involved …

The Photo Society 

“We are a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic*Magazine, committed to telling the world’s stories through pictures.”

In the words of Randy Olson – Explaining the diversity of this group is the easiest way to answer the question, “How do I become a National Geographic photographer?” I usually answer this question by saying: “It is not easy or glamorous (see Reality Check). And this is not where you begin your career. You are competing with world-class documentary photographers and within that genre there are men and women who are the absolute best at their specialty. There are a number of specialists — underwater photographers with different skills — one works in very deep water; a couple photograph at all depths and temperatures; one dives in caves, another holds his breath under whales; and then there is a guy who just works in puddles. One photographer travels all over the world to strap a big fan on his back to shoot aerials. There is a bug guy, an archeology specialist, and a number of folks that photograph critters. There are climbers, conflict photographers, portrait photographers and landscape specialists.” Then I usually end with how amazed I am that I can survive in this crowd as a generalist… in such esteemed company.


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