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| December 9, 2013

Well! What a year it has been! We thought what better way than to close out with a lovely little promotion where you excellent people get a shot at winning some awesome photo gear – why not, right!


One winner will win the awesome new Sony A7r with a 35mm f/2.8 Zeiss lens, A “Brian” from #3LeggedThing and a Capture Pro, Cuff and Leash from #PeakDesign… Enter every day!

win a sony a7r from thinktankphoto

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NOTE : If you entered part one, you don’t need to re-enter, but it would help your chances.Β 


We have TWO parts to this “Christmas Days” giveaway…






So, you would take home the following – if you won!


Olympus OM-D EM-5 Olympus M.ZUIKO 12-50mm Westcott Ice Light Hoodman PackageΒ (Lens Cleanse, USB Reader, Loupe) 3LeggedThing TIM Peak Design Capture Pro, Cuff & Leash You can also choose any bag without wheels from our range!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NOW, that’s pretty cool – ONE person will win ALL of that! So, where do we go from there? Well… We’ll tell you in a week! Guesses below?

Prize package ONE will run from now until Tuesday 17th at 7PM – Santa Rosa time, at which point we’ll export a copy of the entries and use to pick our first winner. Then we’ll announce “Awesome Prize Package number two! (You can enter both!)

For now – GOOD LUCK!


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  • Athena Digital Media

    Probably one of the best giveaways ever!

  • Dmitrijs

    I want this sexy beast: can’t sleep, can’t eat. I think this is what they make movies about. I need it in this frozen city right now. Canada needs some warmth.

  • Drew

    I would love to win. These are awesome pieces of gear and I love using my Retro 50 and Streetwalker Think Tank bags.

  • I live in the US. North Carolina to be specific. I would love to win this package for my husband. He really enjoys photography but we have a pretty basic camera and I think his photographs would be even better with a quality tool.

  • Mark Quimpo Demayo

    Better the second time around meaning better prizes! Awesome as always ThinkTank!

  • Paige Sims

    I live in the United States. I have been swooning over Sony for two years now and have been wanting to change lines. I would be forever grateful if I won!

  • Wendy Gunderson

    From the US and would love to capture the frozen tundra up here in Wisconsin with that Sony! πŸ™‚

  • Suzanne Offner

    I live in Ohio, in the US. I’d love to win the 3LT tripod, because I’m always looking for a better tripod. I’m also really intrigued by the Sony A7r.

  • I live in the beautiful archipelago, the Philippines, I deserve to win this because I have an enormous love for photography and I am willing to learn and do what it takes to become a great photographer someday… Winning this camera will help me reach my dreams πŸ™‚ thank you so much for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  • John Tunnicliffe

    Based in the UK. Started my photography education with Olympus over 30 years ago. To win would be the crowning glory of a journey that I hope will continue with the same amount of wonder as the past has thrust upon me.

  • Ε imon SlΓ‘vik

    Wow great giveaway

  • Hoon Sohn

    I’m in NY, USA. This kit would be used for a documentary project!

  • I live in Florida and this set up would be great for traveling light during day hikes.

  • Mickey Welsh

    I am from the SE United States, and love Think Tank gear. It is so cool that Thank Tank has been able to surround itself with so many creative companies!

  • Melvin Chicas

    Hello, I’m from the USA, I would like to win because this camera would make a perfect gift for my assistant. Her skill as a photographer is amazing. Street photography is her specialty while working to be a photojournalist. This camera would be perfect as it is light, pocket friendly and nonintrusive, which will allow her to capture more photos for longer periods of time before needing a break.

  • Anxhelin

    I live in New York City and currently studying advertising and I’m looking to establish a strong foundation in photography.

  • steve bryson

    Ok. Look, I’m not in North Korea.

    I’m in Surrey, UK – not the expensive bit with a swimming pool out back but the bit surrounded by students, homeless shopping trolleys and lonely traffic cones. Decorated with the odd broken down, abandoned car (I can only assume their occupants fled the area as soon as possible, too terrified to return).

    I would like to win this because having taken in twins (boy since birth, the girl since age three) as their biological parents are incapable (drug user and a schizophrenic) of looking after them. It’s therefore looking increasingly unlikely I’m going to be able to afford a A7r or three legged thing myself, at least not until the child work laws allow 6 year olds to go chimney sweeping again.

    I’ve become rather attached to the kids, please don’t make me sell them so I can upgrade my dated equipment…

  • Blake Zimmerman

    I just started a new photography company with two others and we’re having a blast…but like all new companies, we can use all the help we can get, and this would be AMAZING for us. Anyways, love all the companies involved and just would like to say thanks to all for just giving us the chance!

  • Yuri Groger

    I am from Israel. Really nice gear to win πŸ™‚

  • Pia

    I live in the Philippines. And as to the “why” … because it’s Christmas. And at Christmas, a surprise is always welcome. =)

  • I’m right in the Midwest of the United States and who wouldn’t want to have such great gear? Gear might not be responsible for making great images, but it sure can make it fun.

  • Jason

    usa. for my beutiful wife and daughter

  • 7188photo

    I’m from Germany, live in Japan and NEED to win all this to fill my lovely ThinkTank Citywalker bag πŸ˜‰

  • Dirk Banta

    I would love to win package #2. Utilizing the A7r, I could use my Old Canon FD mount lenses (with the use of an adapter). The 3 Legged Thing “Brian” would be compact enough to fit IN my backpack, allowing me to take a tripod with me more often and be able to better traverse the city on the way to my photographic destination without being easily spotted as having expensive gear inside my bag. The Peak design Leash and Cuff would be a welcome addition to my daytime photo walks, reassuring me that my camera will not hit the ground if I lost my grip. There are many people whose photographic endeavors would benefit from receiving either package. Thanks to the good people of ThinkTank for putting on this promotion. Good luck and happy exposure making to all!

  • Rahil Mirzammadli

    Happy New Year:) from Azerbaijan πŸ˜€

  • tom f

    I grew up in Turkey. Now in Florida for medical school. Would love a great camera and lens for portrait photography on medical missions trips.

  • Bojan Slavkovic

    Greetings from Serbia, it would be nice to finally have a small camera body to carry around at all times…

  • Stefanos Dimitriadis

    I’m from Greece and I would love to win either of these two cameras! What do you think(tank) Santa?

  • Ambika Gaur

    Dear Thinktankphoto,
    I’m Ambika from India, the land that has tonnes of picturesque places on this planet. I’m a shutterbug, for all this time I was taking pictures with my Point&Shoot camera.Photography is something I love and as they say ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ I too want my pictures to say something. I’ve always wanted to upgrade my camera but It could never happen.Sony A7r is not just a camera, its a camera revolution! One could die for to get such a wonderful gadget. I have always wanted a high-end camera like this A7r and this is my chance to get one. It would cost me a fortune to buy this but Thinktankphoto you have given us one hell of an opportunity to win this one and I would love to win it to pursue my love of taking pictures.

  • Kabir Chawla

    i am from India,yet i don’t know my country well .I i win this giveaway, this will widen drastically my perspective.I have realised that to some extent talent, tools matters

  • Author Options

    Why? Because I live in Alabama where…nothing has changed. And unless you’ve got a picture or a video, it didn’t happen. After years working as a teacher in a correctional facility right here in my town, I’ve learned that nothing has changed, we’ve just gotten better at not documenting it.

  • I live in Sweden. I just got a baby daughter and i need a good camera to document her growing and developing.

  • Morts Photography

    Living in the UK and would definitely pick the Sub Urban Disguise

  • Michael Jolliffe

    From Sydney, Australia. An amazing prize package, I would love to win as it would be great to step up to a full frame camera with a compact body from a crop sensor dslr.

  • Michael Holmes

    I am an Amateur photographer from the small rural town in NSW, Australia called Condobolin I am currently studying IT, digital media & technology at TAFE western & want to pursue my love for photography more, I have been my entry level DSLR to its limits & badly want a new body that has better dynamic range & can handle the ISO’s better. something like the awesome sony A7r in Package #2 would help me push my photography to new heights! I am currently saving for a new body but It takes me a long time & heaps of dedication to save up enough money to buy camera gear as I only get minor occasional work when there is odd jobs going. I have won multiple 1st places & a couple of Champion ribbons at our local show & scored a bronze in the 2013 International Loupe Awards for my Landscape shot titled “Country Sunset” every day I strive to push my photography to new levels! its my drug. It’s my addiction. It has opened my eyes to the world & my life will never be the same again!

  • SB Photography

    I live in Romania and I love every product in this package!

  • Glenn D

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. Winning this would make my whole Christmas!

  • Chona Gomba

    I’m from Philippines and I want to win because I want to explore my country and take pictures of breath-taking sceneries here πŸ™‚

  • Andy Morgan

    Happy Christmas ThinkTank!

  • Eric Harth

    I live in the UK near the Peak District and if you’ve ever tried running with a d700 & kit you’ll know why I’d like something smaller but with comparable image quality!

  • Pratik Doshi

    I am from United Arab Emirates. I have the Sony Alpha Nex 5n but I miss the viewfinder, better autofocus and some buttons. So I would love to upgrade my sweetie..

  • Borsch

    From Russia, like this cam

  • Edward Ten Eyck

    Awesome giveaway. Count me in please!

  • I simply love picture. I love taking pictures of the moments that are priceless.. –Philippines

  • The last couple years have been less than stellar, but photography helped keep me sane! I’d love to try out the A7R, so pick me, please. πŸ™‚ From Boulder, CO, USA.

  • Christy George

    I am from USA, and I would love to win because I have never owned a camera this nice!

  • Peter Stevens

    I’d like to win

  • Phil Brown

    I’m from Adelaide Australia and love travelling, The A7R + 35mm + leach and cuff etc is the world’s best travel set up at the moment.

  • Amanda McCaffrey

    So exciting! I’m from the US, and want to win because everyone needs a little something from 3 legged thing to go with their huge TT bag collection!

  • James Allen Davis

    Well, I’m from the United States, & plain & simple, I’ve liked photography & videography for many years. But, I’ve never really had the money to get nice equipment. I know this isn’t necessarily “top of the line” equipment here, like RED cameras & what professional videographers/cinematographers might use, but that really has nothing to do with it, for me. It’s being able to “see” first of all & the state of mind one has when being in “photographer/visionary mode”, as I call it. Then of course there’s the understanding of how all the controls & features work on your camera & being able to use them to capture an image how you want it to turn out (not to mention lenses, filters, flashes if applicable, accessories, editing, so on & so forth), but to keep it simple & to the point here, all you really need is a decent camera with the ability to be able to change all the settings & know how to use them to your desired “image” that you have in your head…, as far as equipment goes.

    That’s why I’m entering this & hoping I might win! I’ve got a basic digital camera that I got a few years ago second-hand, but it’s not a DSLR & I can’t change the lens on it. Being that I like to take pictures of skateboarding & snowboarding sometimes, in addition to nature, people, occasional events, etc., a wide angle or even fisheye is ideal for some of those applications not to mention zoom/telephoto as well, & I can’t do that with what I have, it seriously holds you back.

    Which leads me to why I’m entering this, this would obviously work! And what’s really nice about it is that the camera body is smaller & lighter weight than most so it’s more “portable’/user friendly & when you live with a backpack on your back almost all of the time every day, that’s a good thing. : )

    Also, my current camera also happens to be a Sony & not that it really matters that much, but it should be pretty easy & not hard for me to pick up on what all the icons mean, the menu/settings layout, understanding how it all works, not to mention I think I already have the right memory cards to, etc.

    Well, I could go on here & try to come up with some lengthy, really “sales pitch”ish type thing for you, but in a nutshell, I’d really just like to get this camera or a better one than what I have with some more lenses eventually & would be super stoked if I won, for real! Also, I’ve been wanting to pursue photography/videography on a somewhat professional basis for years now & I obviously need better equipment than what I have, this could help! That’s about all I can say. Alright, here’s to throwing in my entry & hoping I win, later ThankTank, Keep the Vision, peace! : D