Do You Want to Be “Airport Addicted?”

| January 11, 2014




We’ve got that winning feeling again!

When we launched Think Tank in 2005 one of our cornerstone products was the largest backpack we’ve ever released, the aptly named Airport Addicted. It was the first backpack designed to hold large lenses (e.g. a 400mm f/2.8 with lens hood and a 300mm f/2.8), as well as multiple SLR bodies and a laptop computer, that fit within domestic airline carry-on requirements for overhead storage compartments… Well…

Win One and Fill It Up-on Us!

Fresh from our product archives, how would you like to win one of our very last Airport Addicteds, in pristine condition? Plus, you can select $300 worth of any other Think Tank Photo gear that you want to be packed inside of it!

 To Win – Post your favourite photograph that you took in 2013! Simple! Please post it as an image in the comments below.


The Airport Addicted comes with a seam-sealed removable rain cover and shoulder straps that tuck away for storage, stretchable Span-Kodra front and side pockets for storage of cell phones, clothing, water bottles, and other items, a monopod/tripod mounting system, and lockable zipper sliders.

So! Get posting! What was the BEST photograph you took in 2013?! And don’t worry about your skill level, we have three spot prizes of a TurnStyle each for effort, humour and sharing on social media, too! (Use the buttons above and below)

Winner Drawn Feb 4th, announced here and on our social media pages!

Good luck!


Closes midnight, January 31 – Santa Rosa Time. Entry open to global persons where applicable by law. Customs and sill expensive postal charges are the winner’s responsibility. Good luck! The cameras and lenses in the photos are not a part of the prize – sorry! Your photo copyright always remains yours and we will not use your photograph for anything without prior consent! Thanks!

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  • Robert Armstrong

    This was taken at a wedding in November, I love it.

  • Guest

    This was taken at a wedding in November. I love it!

  • Aidan Place

    Woodland Flower by moonlight

  • wijbevisser

    This is one of the favorite photo I made in 2013 on a tour in Spain.

  • Karen Vaisman

    Eye contact.

  • Gerard Kuper

    Early morning walk near Mount Forest, ON

  • Larry Sacks

    I remember thinking when I took this, “If my mother ever saw me doing this, she’d come back from the grave and slap me silly!”

  • Larry Sacks

    I remember thinking when I saw this, “If my mother ever saw me doing this, she’d come back from the grave and slap me silly!”

  • Cindy Seip

    Splash! Underwater Portrait

  • heyblake

    family member, no DNA evidence though

  • Guest

    Underwater Portrait

  • heyblake

    My favorite photo of the year. Healthy mother and son

  • psychedelic mushrooms )))

  • Irfan

    This is Robert – He is a street person I befriended in DT Seattle. He talks a mile a minute; but always greets me with a big smile and a “Camera Dude; how you doing?” such a nice guy with such an interesting story.

  • Rachel Lewis

    Definitely this one, first go (and only so far) at doing a Brenizer piccy. Used f1.2 for this one, cool effect and so much fun!

  • Guest

    Definitely this one. My first (and only so far) go at doing a Brenizer, using f1.2, so much fun and such a cool effect 🙂

  • marktheintern

    100 miles.

  • Gira Kisu

    Treasures of Tibet exhibition !

  • Adam Nikoletsos

    Gorilla and her little one 🙂

  • Guest

    Gorilla with her little one../Users/adamnikoletsos/Desktop/2013 photos/_MG_1181.JPG

  • tirabytes

    Poppin colours

  • Guest

    Bride & Groom on lake in Oregon.

  • Arthur

    Bride & Groom on the lake in Oregon

  • Guest

    Choices Choices!! This was an image taken in Oregon of a Bride & Groom.

  • Gustavo Calcines

    Try to chat with these guys, stair move transporting you to the top….

  • Kristof Vermeulen

    Monument Valley under the moonlight. November 2013

  • Billy Liljeroos

    I took this picture of a big male grizzly on 9/2014 in Yellowstone National park

  • Paul Richards

    My fav for 2013, DC fireworks…Paul Richards