Where do you get your information from, photographers?

| February 4, 2014

Here’s a really simple question with a zillion answers – we’re interested in YOUR answer.

Where to research when you're looking to buy a new camera

Do you have a retail store near you that you’ve always gone to? How’s their advice? (yes, one of those ones with real people in them!)  Forums? Websites? Manufacturer? Your friends or industry peers? We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you get your info, and why, in the comment section below.



Different days, different cameras… Canon 5Dmk2 | Sony NEX5r

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  • dpreview.com, reviews from other photogs on sites such as bhphoto.com, other photographers I personally know on FB & twitter

  • g. leong

    check online reviews snapsort, dpreview, steve huff,

  • xignaciox

    Friends, mostly friends

  • Dirk Essl

    I just look which model is the latest from olympus (m4/3) and buy that 😉

  • For Leica cameras, consider La Vida Leica @ http://lavidaleica.com

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  • Gil

    Friends, KelbyOne, TWIP, DPReview and general Google search

  • Zelf

    1- google (includes youtube)
    2- dpreview
    3- photozone.de (or dslrgear if no reviews on the former)
    4- retailer to test it. Forget about asking the salesman. 99% chances you already know more than him about the camera you are interested in.