The great seven day camera bag giveaway!

| March 14, 2014

All winners have now been in touch – thanks for playing! 


Well, that’s an interesting name for it, isn’t it! But it describes exactly what we have going on right now!




For the next seven days or so, we’re giving away one Retrospective every day, you can enter a couple of ways! You can either comment on the Facebook post, send a tweet via the button below or post an Instagram, making sure to tag us and all that jazz.

Pleased to Tweet you…

Day One is finished!

Question : Which Retrospective would you like and what would you put in it? 

You can answer on Facebook or in the comments below.

Check the Retro range out here and get your answer in, Quick. <— Direct jump to the Retro section of our website. You’re welcome.

Day One Winner is….. Mario Sremec Congrats!



Day Two has finished!

Day two and we’d REALLY love you to invite your photography friends (Don’t just go inviting everyone, they may get cross and we don’t like cross) to our Facebook page – You can send them here to this blog post [via this link ] ..and they can simply CLICK the like button below. THEN you can post your answer to this question either in the comments below, on our Facebook post for day two or via Twitter (Use the #tgsdcbg now, won’t you!) 

Day Two winner is….. Serena Liu of Serena Grace Photo! Congrats!

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 11.41.31 pm


Day Three has finished!

We’re going to go in a different direction today! For all of you G+’ers…. We want you to answer this question on our G+ Page; (And circle us if you like, thanks!) 

“The first thing I’ll put in my new Retrospective 10 is….. (And then your answer!)

So, head over to our G+ page and get creative! —>

(If you don’t have G+ then feel free to leave your answer, in the format above, on the comments section below)

Photo © Anthony Bolante, The Image Arsenal LLC, 2012

Photo © Anthony Bolante, The Image Arsenal LLC, 2012

Congrats to Adam Bucci from Google+ for being our day three winner!



Day Four is Done!

Day four of our “great seven day camera bag giveaway” and we want to invite you to play on Twitter! It’s SIMPLE… Hit the TWEET button below to send the message to your Twitter followers! 

One TWEET from the next 24 hours will win a Retrospective 20 camera bag! of course, if you don’t TWEET, leave a comment below saying why you’d like a Retro 20!

Our day FOUR winner is chris machian! Chris, please email with your address details and colour choice! Thanks!

Day Five is Complete!

Want to win one of our Retrospective 30 camera bags? Simple, head over to our Facebook post and drop a LIKE and COMMENT on the post, we’d also love you to share the post, but we don’t require you to do that as a condition of entry.


The day five winner is…. Garrick Morgenweck! Garrick, please email us your delivery details –

Day Six is finished! 

Today it’s Instagram o’clock! Follow us on Instagram and let us know where you’re from, on this video! Retrospective 40, anyone?! (of course, if you’re not on Instagram, comment below with why you’d like a Retrospective 40)

Winner of day six Instagram giveaway is….


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.08.50 am

Congrats, Ryan! Please get in touch! 

Day Seven has completed!…

The winner of day seven, our final day, was Larry Sacks – congrats, Larry! Please get in touch via


We hope you had fun with this seven days of Retrospective fun, stay tuned for the next time we do something like this! Now, have you checked out our “About A Photograph” short films?



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  • 1click

    In my opinion, ThinkTank designers really take the photographer in mind when designing their products. If I purchase one more item my wife is going to bury me in the backyard. 🙂

  • Oliver Kite

    It is a beautiful bag which is just so practical. My current gear has outgrown my bag so having this would get me out fully tooled up and stop my flash falling out of my coat pocket!

  • PD Singh

    I already have a SubUrban DISGUISE 30 but I guess Retrospective series is more ethnic and a better disguise. The quality is excellent and it would add to my confidence and comfort with a Retrospective 40

  • Nick Karen M

    When I photograph downtown I need to blend in and be discrete! This bag would help make me virtually invisible. A real asset when you don’t want go stand out in the crowd.

  • Benjamin L

    Stealth is Sex for Street Photography. Retrospective 40 is Stealth.

  • Paul Buckowski

    I’d love this bag, which doesn’t scream photographer, but yet can carry what I need to get my work done and a slot to hold a laptop to get the edits done during the down time. The perfect bag

  • joni

    I’d love this bag! Right now I either carry one bag having to choose what few items to bring, or have 2 small bags to carry.
    Who else is dealing with this problem? I can’t be the only one.

  • Shantel Rich

    Would love to have it to put my new mirrorless gear in 😀

  • Rey McGehee

    This would be great for holding my gear on trips.