The great seven day camera bag giveaway!

| March 14, 2014

All winners have now been in touch – thanks for playing! 


Well, that’s an interesting name for it, isn’t it! But it describes exactly what we have going on right now!




For the next seven days or so, we’re giving away one Retrospective every day, you can enter a couple of ways! You can either comment on the Facebook post, send a tweet via the button below or post an Instagram, making sure to tag us and all that jazz.

Pleased to Tweet you…

Day One is finished!

Question : Which Retrospective would you like and what would you put in it? 

You can answer on Facebook or in the comments below.

Check the Retro range out here and get your answer in, Quick. <— Direct jump to the Retro section of our website. You’re welcome.

Day One Winner is….. Mario Sremec Congrats!



Day Two has finished!

Day two and we’d REALLY love you to invite your photography friends (Don’t just go inviting everyone, they may get cross and we don’t like cross) to our Facebook page – You can send them here to this blog post [via this link ] ..and they can simply CLICK the like button below. THEN you can post your answer to this question either in the comments below, on our Facebook post for day two or via Twitter (Use the #tgsdcbg now, won’t you!) 

Day Two winner is….. Serena Liu of Serena Grace Photo! Congrats!

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 11.41.31 pm


Day Three has finished!

We’re going to go in a different direction today! For all of you G+’ers…. We want you to answer this question on our G+ Page; (And circle us if you like, thanks!) 

“The first thing I’ll put in my new Retrospective 10 is….. (And then your answer!)

So, head over to our G+ page and get creative! —>

(If you don’t have G+ then feel free to leave your answer, in the format above, on the comments section below)

Photo © Anthony Bolante, The Image Arsenal LLC, 2012

Photo © Anthony Bolante, The Image Arsenal LLC, 2012

Congrats to Adam Bucci from Google+ for being our day three winner!



Day Four is Done!

Day four of our “great seven day camera bag giveaway” and we want to invite you to play on Twitter! It’s SIMPLE… Hit the TWEET button below to send the message to your Twitter followers! 

One TWEET from the next 24 hours will win a Retrospective 20 camera bag! of course, if you don’t TWEET, leave a comment below saying why you’d like a Retro 20!

Our day FOUR winner is chris machian! Chris, please email with your address details and colour choice! Thanks!

Day Five is Complete!

Want to win one of our Retrospective 30 camera bags? Simple, head over to our Facebook post and drop a LIKE and COMMENT on the post, we’d also love you to share the post, but we don’t require you to do that as a condition of entry.


The day five winner is…. Garrick Morgenweck! Garrick, please email us your delivery details –

Day Six is finished! 

Today it’s Instagram o’clock! Follow us on Instagram and let us know where you’re from, on this video! Retrospective 40, anyone?! (of course, if you’re not on Instagram, comment below with why you’d like a Retrospective 40)

Winner of day six Instagram giveaway is….


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.08.50 am

Congrats, Ryan! Please get in touch! 

Day Seven has completed!…

The winner of day seven, our final day, was Larry Sacks – congrats, Larry! Please get in touch via


We hope you had fun with this seven days of Retrospective fun, stay tuned for the next time we do something like this! Now, have you checked out our “About A Photograph” short films?



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  • Joris van Boven

    It’s the perfect match. An Airport international for longer trips by car and a Retrospective 40 for short trips by plane. 2 ThinkTank solutions for a perfect photo-life.

  • Alexandra Londono

    I Love that bag….

  • Jeremy

    Expanding our photography business venture and this bag just fits our brand perfectly. We would do a video review of this bag and post it on facebook so everyone can see just how amazing your products are!

  • tonyhart

    The retrospective range is my favourite ThinkTank range, and, as an owner of the brilliant 5, I’d love a larger option for when I need to carry more gear!

  • Cindy Jacobs Longfellow

    because bigger is always better…..right??!!

  • RayFrisby

    I would really love the Pinestone Retrospective 40 or 50, it’s a fabulous looking bag and it’s got a great compartment for my 15″ Macbook Pro.

  • Guest

    I would really love the Pinestone Retrospective 50, it’s a fabulous looking bag and it’s got a great compartment for my 15″ Macbook Pro.

  • Paul Chambers

    A Retrospective 40 perfect for my Nikon Kit. Would appreciate winning on very much.#tgsdcbg

  • Paul Lunnon

    I would love this bag what more can I say!

  • Nick Karen M

    I would like one of these bags so I can carry my gear safely and discreetly while shooting street photography! !

  • Ipabass

    A retrospective 40 would be perfect for carrying all my gear – great design!

  • Chris Pearson

    I’d like a Retro 40 as it looks to be a perfect day bag for me. Room for my laptop, D700 and 24-105 OS with enough room left over for my lunch as well.

  • Jp Wakan

    I’d like a retrospective 40 because it is rhe perfect size for my photo gear and I like it

  • AW

    I’d sell it to buy a Retrospective 5 and a Mirrorless Mover, so I had two excellent bags for my mirrorless system. 🙂

  • Steve Smith

    Because it fits all the gear I like to carry

  • Phill Joshua

    Would love to travel in style with a Pinestone 40. Have not seen a better built/designed camera shoulder bag.

  • Rob Williams

    The ’40…. ‘What WOULDN’T I put in it’ would be a more applicable question… Seriously though, I’m sick of my two tiny camera bags and a laptop bag. I ‘affectionately’ call the process, ‘triple bagging’. Having a 40 would make life so dang easy 🙂

  • Hello from Poland, Hajnówka. Maybe you will send this one to Europe? 😉 My Mamiya RZ67 and Nikon D800 are waiting for new Retrospective40 :)) #tgsdcbga

  • Alexander Muth

    Retrospective 40!
    I love it!

  • Guest

    Hello from Poland, Hajnówka. Maybe you will send this one to Europe? 😉 My Mamiya RZ67 and Nikon D800 are waiting for new Retrospective40 :))

  • Lex Schulte

    I can think of forty reasons why I would love to have this bag. But my main reason will still be that I need a new bag because my cat urinated in my old and I can’t get rid of the smell… And off course I would like to show off with a brand new Retrospective 40 (Pinestone)!

  • Huey Tang

    The Retrospective 40 (Pinestone) would definitely come in handy in carrying my camera, few lens, speedlights, laptop and more! Definitely the inconspicuous camera bag that is made with the best material. Wish this will be my first Think Tank bag!

  • Hidenao Ben Nakagawa

    I like 40 because it holds lapstop and tons of gear.

  • Fum Baz

    > why you’d like a Retrospective 40

    Because Think Tank Photo gear is the most awesome.

  • Manny Malk

    i would love a Retrospective 40, my macbook pro needs a new home especially when trying to carry it along with my growing Canon DSLR setup plus lenses and speedlites that currently is cramming in a pine stone Retrospective 30, Steroid Speed Belt, with pixel racing harness and Digital Holster collection with pouches…I even got my wife the blue slate Retrospective 7 to use as a Diaper Bag for our son.

  • Jess Perea

    A Retro 40 in Pine would hold my great and more on my next trip

  • Jurgis Maleckas

    The Retrospective 40 (Pinestone colour) – is made for my gear – DSLR with 70-200mm lens – with spare pockets sections for the other bits and pieces. great to travel with as it doesn’t ‘shout’ that its a camera bag – silenced both with its flap opening and its overall appearance.

  • Magda Augustyn-Coulter

    I would love to be the lucky winner! Retrospective 40 would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Europe. Being able to fit my camera and few necessities would be so nice. 🙂 Walking the streets with this gorgeous Retrospective 40 and nothing but would be a lifesaver. 🙂

  • John Martinec

    The 40 will hold all of my gear plus some room for snacks or something!

  • Michael Burton

    Would Love a Black Retro 40, any reason to buy more gear to fill it must be good, right?

  • J. Adam Sowers

    The more ThinkTank bags, the better! I’m up to 4 so far…

  • Thomas Gilbert

    I need to 40 so I can really throw my back out hauling all my gear. The more I can carry, the more I shall.

  • Ahmad Iskandar Bin Abdullah

    I missed on the Retro 20 and 30. Since I am in my 40’s the Retro 40 will suit me well.

  • Cameron K. Fong

    The Retrospective 40 would perfect for those days when I need to carry a little more

  • Kelvin Tran

    It’d be great for me at school so I can bring my camera with my laptop without needing a second bag!

  • Robert L. Byram

    Ah, just the bag for me and my Panasonic Lumix G6, 45-175 Lens, MeFoto tripod, filters, extra batteries, iPad, chargers, etc.

  • Ami Wang

    I’ve never had a “real” camera bag, and free bags are the best! 😉

  • g. leong

    quality built camera bag

  • Ah, the Retrospective 40, such a tempting bag. A midrange carrier that just swells to accomodate gear so effortlessly. Had I thee within my grasp, I’d stuff a 5DMKII, a 17-40mm and a 24-105mm lens into it along with a strobe, extension cable and Lumiquest modifier, because, well, you never know. Of course, there would be all this room for other stuff, including a tablet PC and other nifty stuff, because, well, you never know.

  • tanguerochino

    Day 6 – The Retrospective 40 will make for a great weekend bag. All my still photo gears and I’ll still have room for a change of clothes.

  • t sheppard

    A retro 40 would work great for my 2 omd’s and the 6 lens. Easy on the back and looks great.

  • Ümit Ertürk

    it’s mine guys…

  • Dean L. Kirby

    I need the Retro 40 for a trip to Africa this summer!

  • Mike Swiech

    I would love the Retro 40 as I am want to expand my gear content and could use the upgrade.

  • Simon Vosgueritchian

    I want the 40 cause its the best dam Camera bag ever.

  • Michael Crowley

    I really need a new camera bag and would just love a Retrospective 40. Not only would it for my gear it might just push me to get more 🙂

  • Hoon Sohn

    Great proven brand.

  • Idgie

    I’d love a Retrospective 40 because it would fit all my camera stuff!

  • Nigel Morley

    Retro 40 just perfect for all my gear, my lunch and even half a bottle of sauvignon blanc …that’s assuming my son doesn’t steal it as he says retro is in !!

  • steve

    I’d like a retrospective 40 for my Micro 4/3 kit – Panny GH2 and six lenses (fish eye to 100-300) plus iPad, and who knows what else. Sorry I don’t do instagram (don’t have an iphone)