tTP Weekend Photo Competition

| April 5, 2014

PLEASE NOTE – We will announce the winners for this shortly. (Today’s the 9th of May) –Simon

  1. Spring – April 5th – 6th (entries in by midnight on the 6th Santa Rosa time) – Winner : Swaroop Singha Roy (Facebook)
  2. Reflection - April 12th – 13th (entries in by midnight on the 13th)
  3. Loud - April 19th – 20th (entries in by midnight on the 20th)
  4. Contrast - April 26th – 27th (entries in by midnight on the 27th)


The first #tTPweekend theme is “Spring“. Now, it may not be spring where you are (coming into the colder months here in Australia!) – that’s OK! You’ll need to think outside the box. We don’t mind how you take your photograph, what you take it with – use your creativity and make something cool.


A few small rules for those of you that are interested in having a go! 

  • Your photograph needs to be taken for this promotion – please don’t use old photos.
  • If you’re posting to Facebook, please post on our page and include the #ttpweekend tag in your post.
  • If you’re posting on Twitter, please tweet @thinkTankPhoto with #ttpweekend in your tweet.
  • If you’re Instagramming your entry, please tag @thinkTankPhoto and include the #ttpweekend hashtag.
  • You’re also welcome to post your photograph entry in the comments section of this here post [here's how!]


  • Just enter your photograph in one location, multiples won’t up your chances! Make sure you get your entry in by midnight on Sunday [Santa Rosa Time] to be included.
  • Judges decision is awesome. (and final) and winner announced here on the blog during following week.
  • Prize will be your choice of CityWalker camera bag, sent anywhere in the world where applicable by law, not redeemable for cash (but really, why would you want to!?)
  • This promo is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and is all provided by


© Stuff : Your photos belong to you – we won’t use them for anything unless we contact you first – the winner’s photograph will be displayed on our blog in the winner post and that is all. Forever ever.

Good luck!

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  • Irfan
  • Katie-Marie Tidy

    I find it to be very disappointing and deceiving that no one from a well reputed company such as Think Tank has taken the time to respond to those who have participated in your competition. Personally, this is my first ever experience contributing my work to a contest, and it takes courage to display one’s art. I am a new photographer who is purchasing so much gear as I learn and grow, and was definitely questioning purchasing a Think Tank bag. I am now worried about the sort of follow through and customer service offered by your company. I look forward to some sort of response. Regards, Katie-Marie

    • thinkTank Photo

      Thanks for the note – this is something I’ve certainly missed out on updating, Katie-Marie. No excuses, my bad and I apologise! — I will update this shortly (internet is spotty as I’m travelling in Israel, but will get to it asap!) —Simon

      • Katie-Marie Tidy

        Thank you for getting back to me. I look forward to seeing your update. – K

      • Katie-Marie Tidy

        Are you still traveling?

      • Katie-Marie Tidy


        I am still awaiting your response. I would imagine that you are back from your trip. Thank you for getting back to me ASAP. This is seriously making me question your company’s reliability.

        Regards, -K.

  • Katie-Marie Tidy

    So when will the winner of the Reflections theme be announced?

  • Katie-Marie Tidy

    Competition theme: Loud

  • Katie-Marie Tidy

    Competition theme: Reflection

  • James Snook

    Photo competition – Reflection

  • Aparna Garodia

    Competition theme: Reflection.